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Natal Field Artillery cap badge - officer's version?

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Hi all,

Here is one Natal Field Artillery cap badge with the lugs on the back (one is missing). Especially back shows nice age, front is more polished. The wheel is separate piece and attached with the two wires. Is this mean as well that it is an officer's badge or it should rotate as well? Also does someone knows the period when it is from and aprox. value (I presume it is rarer then normal RA badges anyway).

Thanking you in advance,


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A book on the military badges of South Africa by Colin Owen lists it as No. 524 and describes it as follows:

"Natal Field Artillery, cap badge worn in gilding metal from 1902 - 1939 and 1946 - 1960. Also worn in bronze by Officers and W.O.'s only, 1937 - 1967."


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