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Abzeichen für den Kommandanten eines Kampschiffes der Volkesmarine

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Badge for the Commander of a combat vessel of the people's Navy
On February 1, 1989, the Minister of national defence issued command no. 07/89 on the introduction and awarding of a badge for the Commander of a combat vessel of the people's Navy.
The purpose of the creation of the badge was to signify the importance of the position of serving as Commander of a people's Navy combat ship and to highlight this service position by making it physically visible. The badge was awarded from 1 March,1989 in the people's Navy for the Commander of a combat vessel.
On the orders of the Chief of the Federation, this badge could be awarded to those officers of the seafaring career. They must be in the position of serving as;
Commander of a;
Combat ship;
a vessel of special securing,
or coast guard vessels;
and were in possession of the authorization for navigation and the use of arms.
Permission to wear the badge ended when the officer was no longer in command as stated above.
The badge could also be awarded to members of the 6th Border Guard Brigade coast.
The badge was worn on the right breast of the uniform.
The gold-coloured badges is made from non-ferrous metals and is 65.3 mm wide by 20.5 mm high. It has the shape of a Küstenschtutzschiffes of the people's Navy, whose hull is a coloured and lacquered Kommandatenwimpel for battle ships and boats.

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