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More WWI Postcards.

Martin W

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Hi guys,

i have just acquired this set of cards that have been in the family for decades.I beleive they were collected by my grandmother during the war years.They were passed down to my mother and now to me.

I guess i have to describe them as "song" cards.I have about 130 of these cards and most are complete sets of cards with three or four verses,one verse per card.Sadly,some of the sets are incomplete with verses/cards missing.

I remember looking at these these cards when i was a child.I found them very sad and i still do today.Some of the cards are damaged but most are in very good condition considering the handling of nearly 100 years.

They are a sad and poignant reminder of the period i think.


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Well,not something i would collect either Chris but i do feel fortunate to have them,especially as they came from the family.as i mentioned.

There were some other WWi period cards,not related to the "song" cards that were in the group.

One relates to the death of Kitchener on 5th June 1916.The reverse is blank.

The other is a postwar card titled "Pace at Last".There is a date written on the reverse,"France,Feb 25 1919".


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