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Jewellery in Great War Period in Spain


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I thought I had open enough fronts in the forum and that was enough but:

Hello, yesterday I received something that I was waiting for many time from a friend and that maybe could be of some interest here as a artistical forum in some way more than military.

The plates I am go to show here, and just here, were made by spanish craftsmen, (by their own hands, it is true). from 1900 to 1940. Well, you would say this is not exactly the Great War and in Spain... that was a neutral country, but, taking advantage of our new job (more a duty) in the "Corte de los Milagros" also call "Boogie wonderland" and for common people "Europa", you can call as you likes anyway: we are now the "suburbs". I have been talking largelly of this new nomenclature. Well, it is good for my introduction and to clear some points if I am able of it (in english is hard for me).

The points than in Spain are knowing but maybe not so here:

1) Spain was so neutral cause the spanish state was too poor even to pay a division to go to the front to help (Other problem) as in WWII did with the 250 blue division, that was an élite division, in some moments the only élite divicion in all the Rusian front, and was payed by Hitler go sent here for free the Condor Division. As you know, after any war the real looser are the neutral countries. Normally of course.

2) The neutral Spain was mainly pro-german for traditional relactions in our neighbourhood. And because our more influential intelectual had been standing in Germany, in not the best possible places,, and had some erotic dreams with an "Iron Man", maybe the anti-Golem, like others prestiged (and dodding) spaniards as Ramón y Cajal, considered one of the more intelligents brains in the history. This iron-man will come and bring us, by example, i don't know the name in english. "La fuerza por la alegría" but more or less you will be strong and happy and if you were afortunate and in the meanwhile the Block-chief d'ont get in love with your wife, return from the war as Otto Dix. Sorry, I speak too much.

This iron man was not Churchill, but the spanish thinker was Ortega y Gasset.

There were to a pro-allied faction, of course, but mainly bettween intelectuals admirers of British Parlamentary System and some missplaced volontaries to the Legion, I mean the French Legion, a important part of them (1000) nacionalists from Cataluña. They had a dream, that France after the war will force the spanish goverment to give the independance. Much of them died without known that the cataláns (I mean the rich one's the high burgueoisie, those who don't have any surname as García, Fernández, etc.. didn't need so a high and noble objetive to get a lot of money selling arms, here, there and everywhere. And this is not politica, are facts.

(will be continued)

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The suburbs have an honour, all kind of news and improvements comes from center to suburbs with an speed inversely proportional to the distance.

Sorry, I am getting a little dizzy. That means by example that before the rusians (this time were not soviets) convert Praga in the shop that Michel Jackson dreams with.

I meant few time ago after the fall of the wall Praga was so peripherical still that you could find incredibles bargains in familiar shops for nothing practically. In special russian and Tchek hand made (really) modelling artesany as cheap as Airfix in the old good times.It is a travel to past things and times.

This mean that this draws made in so many years have an tipycal and frozen peripherycal style that surelly was in most of the suburs of Europe.

I mean except capitals, and big cities and the triangle formed for London-París-Amberes, near all europe. It is just a theory, maybe you can give me some information about this (I would be grateful). In the cold outside, first the modernisme and after the art-decó just for First-Titanic-Class-People.

Now i will keep my mouth close and begin the plates-time.


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