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Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd class "141048", Krasnokamsk

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I want to show you this soviet order of the patriotic war, 2nd class with number: 141048. It's marked with Krasnokamsk.

What do you think about it?
It's a priced decoration of world war 2 or of post war, after 9.5.1945 ? And do you know more about the number? A date?
Thanks and best regards

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It's marked with Krasnokamsk.

Besides going to the datation tables with the serial number, do you see any other physical indication that this order was manufactured in Krasnokamsk?

I ask for my education, If there is any hallmark of KMD on their orders I would like to learn. In this one a cannot see any other marking than the usual MONET'NI DVOR.

Thank you


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Of course there is no special mark for KMD ;)

According to the known mint documentation OGPW II with numbers 135 001-170 000 were manufactured by Krasnokamsk mint.

As for the physical indication - only reverse form that is typical for KMD.

What we have here is so-called "star" (by reverse relief ;)) variation.



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