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The Kaiser's Guns...Made by Krupp


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Krupp celebrated its first 100 years in 1912. In two more years - 1914 - the Kaiser will be thankful Alfred Krupp started making cannon.


For more about Krupp and the Kaiser's Guns look for a soon to be published article on the GMIC Home page!


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Hi IG!

Here we have no guns, but two visits of the "Gußstahlfabrik Krupp in Essen"

1) Feldart.Rgt.43

2) Kriegsschule Hersfeld

Note, in #1 there is a Lt. Pellengahr in the background. This one was my grandfathers battery-leader in the post-war period from winter18-automn 1919 (Freiwilligen-Batterie Pellengahr). Pellengahr later was Generalmajor and was partipicated in the planing of "Weserübung 1940" (occupation of Norway and Denmark)

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