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I want to show this wonderful photo of GL v. Knoerzer and (probably) his staff of the 7.Ldw.Div.

Please note, that he wears the Abzeichen für das militärische Gefolge König Wilhelms II v. Württemberg

Here is the names list:

I. Unten stehend (von links nach rechts)
Hauptmann Gutbier, Kriegsberichterstatter
Kriegsgerichtsrat Bunz
Hauptmann Edelmann, 1. Generalstabsoffizier
Leutnant Gallion, Nachrichtenoffizier
S.Exz. Generalleutnant von Knoerzer
Rittmeister Jobst, Adjutant (Fhr. der II.Abtlg.)
Hauptmann Peters, 2.Generalstabsoffizier
Hauptmann Spaeth, Kommandant des Stabsquartiers
Rittmeister Hofmann, Führer der Bagage

II. Auf der Treppe stehend
Rittmeister v. Zeschau, 1.Ordonnanzoffizier
Rittmeister Freiherr v. Waechter, Geschützoffizier
Oberstabsarzt Dr. Hocheisen, Div.Arzt
Assessor Rud, Div. Intendant

Edited by The Prussian
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That's a great photograph. I believe it shows the staff of the 54. Reserve Division. Hptm. Edlemann was the 1. Gen. St. offiz. of that division from Jan 1916-Jul 1917. Looking at the Württemberg awards lists, he, Dr. Hocheisen, and saxon Rittm. v. Zeschau all received awards while assigned to that division. Also, v. Knoerzer was its commander from Jan 16 to Jul 1917.


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He was a "diensttuender Flügeladjutant" from 24.11.1892-23.02.1895. He remained a Flügeladjutant while a squadron commander in Drag. R. 25 from 23.02.1895-10.09.1897.


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Hi all,

A bit late, but here is another photo of von Knoerzer and his staff. You can view more photos like this by typing 'Der Vormarsch der Flieger Abteilung 27 in der Ukraine' and clicking on the second link from the top. (You can use the zoom function to view the photos at close range whilst still retaining the excellent image quality).

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The question is: Which staff is it?

Karl v. Knoerzer led the 7th Ldw.Div from 26.7.1917 until armistice. The Korps Knoerzer was the staff of the 7th Ldw.Div., led by the staff of the 20th. Ldw.Div.

I´ve found some officers of the 7th. Ldw.Div.

24.january 1917:

Commander: Gen.Lt.z.D. v. Wencher

Chief of staff: Prussian Hauptmann v. Berghes (Ritter des kgl. württembergischen Militär-Verdienstorden, 20.2.1917)*

1. adjutant: Hauptmann Ritter v. Molo

2. adjutant: Hauptmann d.L. Greiß

* The were two v,Berghes. Both served in the Hus.Rgt.11, I didn´t find a Hauptmann, but Rittmeister

Rittmeister Kurt v. Berghes (last duty: Generalstab den General-Quartiermeisters), later Major a.D.

Leutnant Bruno v. Berghes (last duty: Generalstab 216.Inf.Div.), later Rittmeister a.D.

Maybe the man on the photo is Kurt?

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Well I believe it dates from spring/summer 1918.

The picture was part of a photo-album of Flieger Abteilung 27 during their time in the Ukraine.

I think the first two awards on this guy's ribbon are the EK and HHO3X, but I'm a beginner in this field so I could be well off the mark...

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You may very well be right. He appears to have at least one Turkish award and am Austrian. As for the general, I've searched for other photos but all I've found show von Knoerzer wearing the same Litewka or Kleiner Rock...looks more Litewka to me.

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The photo must be taken after january 1917, so you might be right with 1918.

The former Feldflieger-Abteilung 62 did change the name into Feldflieger-Abteilung 27 in january 1917.

I have found, that the Flieger-Abteilung 27 was under command of the Heeresgruppe Linsingen in march 1918. It changed into Heeresgruppe Eichhorn (Kiew) in april 1918)

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