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Argentinean seller of Graf Spee forgeries

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A seller of Graf Spee-related POW and police documents, all forgeries, made an appearance at the MAX Show last October unloading a large grouping of spurious documents. He has also sold a great number of related documents on eBay, though we obviously haven't seen them first-hand. He is an Argentine national, and accepts cash only.

Some of these came into our hands, and we've examined them carefully. The key to identifying the fakes is the photographs attached to each piece. The images often are horizontally striated, indicating that they were produced on a laser printer. A few others appear "pixillated". Documents also have police stamps and the rubber-stamp of an inspector named "Modelo". The seller may also have sold the now-infamous "Mengele passport".

If any readers were offered any such Graf Spee items (or Mengele items) by such an individual, please PM me.


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Not before bloody time!

You've made my weekend!


To blow my own horn...I dissected the passport in multiple posts at WAF after Craig refused to provide any further info on its source, additional images, etc. He also claimed his "publicist" altered the Josef Mengele Wikipedia site, and according to the Wikipedia editing log, the same "publicist" added negative content to my own Wikipedia page. The thread at WAF is long, but once you sift through the attacks, it's quite revealing.

Now I am after the forger, whom I suspect is the seller himself.

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