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Battle of Britain Comm. Sword

Mervyn Mitton

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I have just noticed how long since we have posted on this section - I hope

members will look to see if they can find suitable edged weapons to add ?


Yesterday I posted on the Lounge a magnificent commemorative sword made for the Queen's silver jubilee in 1977. The firm that I was asked to visit and to

identify and value their sword collection , had years ago been the SA reps. for

the Wilkinson Sword Company. I think the 25 swords that I was shown were sent

for their Boardroom and also , to take special orders.

At a later date I will repost the silver jubilee sword on this Forum - then we will have a record . For today I am posting the rare - these Commemorative Swords by Wilkinson are all made in limited numbers, usually only 100 - Royal Air Force

'Battle of Britain ' sword. Made in the form of a medieval two handed sword,

this has magnificent casting on the grip and cross guard. The blade is etched very finely with scenes of airmen running to man their planes during one of the


The German Luftwaffe attacked Britain in night raids for a pro-longed period of time and our smaller Air Force was hard pressed to defend our military areas,

factories and docks. This period became known as "THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN".

This was in 1941 and we inflicted heavy casualties on the raiders, who eventually gave-up the night sorties and reverted to daylight bombing.

Please feel free to add any additional info. on this period - and any memories

that older members of your family may have of that period. I was a small boy

in WW2 and described my memories on our Blog site.


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Standing at the war museum in Johannesburg a few years back, under the South African War (boer war) memorial, I heard this engine noise I had previously only heard described to me, and a Spitfire flew over, D-Day markings, totally un announced and out of the blue...literally. Those Merlin RR engines are beautiful to hear...and so distinctive. Loved it!

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