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Sometimes the most mundane medals are the most interesting

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I just purchased a Service Medal of the Order of St. John on line (it had previously been in a junk lot in Spinks in 2011 and I happened to miss it). It is silver, straight bar suspension, it is named Divl. Surg. F. N. Kapadia (Parsi)Div. No. 3 Dist. S.Jabd. 1920.

The Parsi Ambulance Division was founded in Mumbai (Bombay) in 1902, it is quite possible that our man Framroze Naorojee Kapadia was a founder or very early member. What we do know about him is that he was commissioned as an Honorary temporary Lieutenant in the Indian Medical Service (LG 5/8/18) and subsequently Honorary Temporary Captain (LG 31/5/21). His St John Service Medal was presented personally by the Duke of Connaught during his visit to Mumbai on 22 February 1921. He presented a Deputation to the Viceroy for Indian Post Graduate training in 1924 (India Office File 3176).He was later made an associate officer of the Order of St John (LG 4/1/38). The Kapadia family are still prominent amongst the Munbai Parsi Community and the Parsi Ambulance Division is still going strong. While not one of the more expensive piece in my collection it is certainly one of the most interesting.


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I managed to find the information through various sources mostly through the internet which led me to the London Gazette and India Office records. I am hoping I will find more information via the family if I do I will post it.


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