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Colonel-General Aleksi Inauri -- Military and KGB leader

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Aleksi Inauri died well before I first visited Georgia. He was a WW II Red Army armor commander and long-time head of the Georgian KGB. By the time I arrived in Tbilisi his family had already sold his things to a couple of guys who re-sold the important pieces at quick-sale prices. Damn. They did not seem to want to bother with the minor items so I relieved one of them of that burden in 2002.

The minor items included a number of documents, some minor medals, some really good senior-level KGB badges with documents, some foreign awards, his ten consecutive badges with documents as a deputy of the Georgian Central Committee and this, his eight consecutive badges and documents as a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet.

This is the entire trove of Aleksi Inauri items that I own. Well, not the entire trove but the other things that photograph well.

I've been holding back on sharing these all these years. Don't really know why. I'll post a few of the others later on. Enjoy.


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Very cool addition to the collection :) Hey at least you saved these, who knows where they could of ended up in, they are in a home that cherishes them :) and someone who displays them proudly :)

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