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Medal "For Distinction in Exercises"


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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently signed an order establishing 3 new ministerial medals, one of which will be named the Medal "For Distinction in Exercises".

It will reward soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces displaying special merit in the exercises and training in preparation for large Army and Navy maneuvers.
Before the establishment of this medal, the most distinguished officers and warrant officers were awarded the medal "For Distinction in Combat", no more non-combat related awards of this medal will be made. Therefore, the decision was taken by Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu to establish a new medal and making it now possible to reward even soldiers and sergeants.
The medal "For Distinction in Combat" (photo above) will no longer be awarded for non-combat related merit.
Source the Russian Gazette www.rg.ru
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I really like the "For Distinction in Combat" medal a lot. Has it been awarded many times yet? Is another of the new medals the Crimea medal posted a few days back?

It's been awarded thousands of times...

And no, the Crimean medal wasn't one of the 3 mentioned here. The others are the "Mikhail Kalashnikov" medal and I don't know why they said he established a 3rd, it's only an amendment to the statute of the Defense Ministry medal "For Labour Valour" awarded to members of the civilian staff.

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Establishment order of the defense minister #219 dated 5 April 2014 found and translated; it reads:

Medal "For Distinction during an Exercise"
"Awarded to military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for high personal performance in field, naval or air training achieved during a major exercise; for having skilfully organized and conducted exercises in which all set goals were achieved; for achievements in the development and improvement of techniques and methods of warfare enhancing the effectiveness of weapons and military equipment used during the exercise."

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The new medal will be a permanent replacement to the different medals bestowed in the last 2 years.

This one (sharing it's ribbon with the new award) was for the 2012 "Caucasus Exercise"

This one was for the Russian-Belarusse Joint Strategic Exercise "West 2013"

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They said it would outright replace the medals for participation in individual exercises but I guess not...:wacky:

Medal "Joint Strategic Exercise - Union Shield 2015"


Medal "Strategic Command-Staff Exercise - Centre 2015"


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