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Police medals, grouping to Met Stn Sgt.

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Gentlemen, here I show a grouping to a Metropolitan Police station Sergeant who served sometime between the late 1930's to the late 1960's....in this time he helped save a horse from drowning in the Thames (6th January 1950) and received The RSPCA medal with for humanity bar and PDSA medal, there is also his long service medal, 1939-45 Defence medal and a St Johns First Aid medal, all except Defence medal are named to the Sgt and are boxed/cased ..................I know it is not the done thing to give valuations on open forum, but having had these for some years displayed next to my own long service medal it is time for a Police medal collector to enjoy owning this set as my collection interests are very different and there is a high value piece coming up I wish to buy.....so I wish to know a ball park figure this set may be worth....please pm if not comfortable in giving an open value.

Thanks for help in advance....Prost ! Steve.


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Steve - a most interesting group. We are always pleased to offer opinions on prices - if they are asked for. However, it is

understood that they are just that - opinions. Neither the person replying - or, GMIC can take any responsibility. Contact a

good auction house for a more accurate valuation.

There has been a lot of interest in recent years for awards for saving life and helping animals - my own thoughts would be that

these have to have a fairly good price - other members may wish to be more definite , but contact a London auction. One of

our members - Paul - may well be able to assist you as he is with one such medal auction. Mervyn

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Thanks Mervyn for your reply and I understand exactly what you are saying, a ball park figure for me to work with would be fine £100,£200 or whatever.......I would wish them to go to a collector and not a dealer....but the downside is they have to go.............

Thanks again, Steve.

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