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+1 Disgusting, but then again, if they replaced it with another marker (like a society) and they were selling it for funds to upkeep the graves, it would make more sense. I often imagine how much of orders and medals were once buried with the recipients and then uncovered, horrible and disgusting practice it is, but grave robbers have been doing this since the end of time.

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It is too good of condition to have been outside for more than a couple of years. Hopefully the bodies were exhumed and send back home or provided more permanent markers.... again, I hope.

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used to mark the temporary grave

If it's a temporary marker, I see no problem with its further sale. Has anyone seen another of these?

Info on Gefreiter Depenhart: His final resting place is "Block 1 Reihe 1 Grab 34 in the Marigny (Frankreich) Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof"

The site says he died near St. Sobon-Coburg, but I couldn't find that exact town in France. I do know that 5 July 1944 was one of the worst days of fighting for US 7th Corps in the general vicinity of Marigny.

Research worthy IMHO

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I have a couple of old German WWI grave stones/crosses. I must admit these are a little bit "awkward" items. These crosses/stones were obsolete when in the 50's and 60's many graves were gathered into bigger cemeteries.

I don't really have a problem with these items as you can understand, as long as these items are handled with care and respect.


Poulton Palmer

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