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They seem to be collectors items all on their own...

When they first came out I did not get one as I don't really collect medals... but as my document collection increases (outside of the EK documents), I see it has its uses... and it is a pretty nice item to have.

I was wondering if it would be possible to continue to tabulate the items not listed there... as and when the info becomes availible?

i.e. the hanseaten statistics etc etc...

Folks could simply print them out and add them to their copy.

Maybe I am showing my ignorence here... but was knowledge has become availible since then?

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It would be interesting to update the book with new award numbers. Since I published the book I could update it and possible do another reprint with the permission of Kathy Ludvigsen. I see that the book sold for 85 euros. I wonder how many people would be will to buy the book at 50 euros.

If you are interested please do a post. If I can get 10 people I may do a reprint of 50.

Chris, thanks for doing this post.

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The book cover design was done by Rick Lundstrom and completed by Stephen Previteria. It came out really nice. When I picked up the books from the printer be had a unused cover that I gave to Kathy Ludvigsen, Eric's widow. It is framed and hanging on the wall. I should have grabbed one for myself.

I remember when I found a plastic case with Eric's two binders of the type written work. Rick instantly knew what it was and almost had a heart attack. We secured the permission of Kathy of quickly got it into print.

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