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I have never ever seen anything like them, Lots of German units wore them as the war progressed, but these have the stereotypical image of the 1915 era mountain troops.

Some folks dont like ebay... but I got these for a 3rd of what i would have paid... maybe even a quarter.... Ebay rocks ;-)

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Hello Chris.

I like the " dauerhafte Ausfuehrung" ( durable finish/workmanship) on the label. This came true.

Bernhard H. Holst

Indeed... the best way to keep clothes in good condition... is never to wear them ;-)

These have never been unrolled, still stapeled into the back..

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I notice the price tag at the bottom, are these a civilain item or issue? Were the soldiers expected to private purchase or were they procured from the civies to be pressed into service?

Jock :)

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Nice Chris! I've never seen this brand before. I wonder if there is a cloth label on the puttees, similar to that on the Mars Gamaschen? I have a similar pair of "Fox" brand puttees still tied with the original paper label. They are British, with no nice picture of a German mountain trooper. :(


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