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German Mountain Troops footwear and Gamaschen...

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Chris thats a cool picture he looks to be wearing a repaired tunic, whats the bayonet?

Don't know is it a bayonet or some designated side arm for those troops? Lucky blighter on the wraps lets see em. :)


Looks to me to be a S.98 second pattern (or n.A.) with the two piece grips - you can see the press stud on the pommel

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On 26/06/2014 at 09:45, Chris Boonzaier said:

It was so infuriating to know the seller COULD have gotten the name of the officer, but did not at the time because it was of no interest to him 😞

How, 6 years later I managed to get the name of the gentleman... he was in the Leib regiment before the war, but mobilised in a Landwehr regiment... Steinhauer ... I managed to get a few paper items of his from his service in the leiber in about 1905

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OK... Here we go.... a marriage of identied bits and pieces....


Hans Weis was Born on the 24th March 1890. He entered the army in October 1914 and was initially sent to a Landwehr Regiment but in the 2nd Feb 1915 he was posted to an training Battalion of the Bavarian Schneeschuh Bataillon. On the 12th April 1915 he joined the 1st Company of the 1 Bavarian Schneeschuh Batallion. He served with them in the Tirol and Serbia. On the 12th June 1916 he was wounded by a shell spilinter in the Souville schlucht and after his recovery he seems to have sent some time as an instructor at the Schneeschuh training battalion, then taking part in the Machin Gun training course at Hammelburg. He then spent a year at the Ersatz Geb Maschinengewehr Komp. I. b.A.K. before joining the 1. M.G.K. of the I. Batl. Of Jäger Regiment 3.

The Schneeschuh are not issue boots, very probably dating from 1915 and like most boots at this time were privately purchased. They were made by the bootmaker Josef Schratt Jnr. Bootmaked to the royal court, in Oberstdorf.


Feldwebel Franz Xaver Biechl served in the 2nd Bavarian reserve Infanterie Regiment for the duration of the war, he was wounded as offiziers Stellv on the 14.4.1918 and died 10 days later


Eugen Steinhauer served in the Leib-Regiment before the war, was an NCO in the 5th Bavarian Landwehr regiment during the war and ended up as a Offz. Stellv.


"The making of, with a picture of BieBoots6.thumb.jpg.37c1460304a8e5e453e55f095d746ad0.jpgBoots7.thumb.jpg.fb1da4365582536088ad27aa28fe26f4.jpgBoots10.jpg.eb831415ad8a50417c3f9eb9be2d293f.jpgBoots12.jpg.3284a38b8fbdb5e99bdb76a14de9a06e.jpgBoots16.jpg.4950add9d8137b430db984f872c7281b.jpgchl...

A different pair which are very likely WW1, you can see a piece added at the back of the sole/heel, for skis...Boots2.thumb.jpg.41428fb8772388c85a714710a6ed7668.jpgBoots3.thumb.jpg.80deb2316bff4bdafdc7e89b760a95fa.jpgBoots4.jpg.b0cde02fa992df13cadc43b19c82902a.jpgBoots14.thumb.jpg.b03e233f2fd490874fc6b6ebd2c4ba0a.jpgBoots15.thumb.jpg.b0359c7616e9a79499c34d453ed76c72.jpg

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22 minutes ago, Chip said:

Normally, that extra stop piece of leather on the back of the heel is for wearing spurs.


Aaaaahhhh... ok... that is another ting I must but on my search list then. I thought it would be skis... They are actually nicer boots than the ones who belonged to the schneeschuh batallion... but with the schratt ones at least i have a name....

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