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David B 1812


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During my research of personnel files which I get for medals / groups in my collection, I find references (usually postings) to the "X" List.

I have a number of questions to ask this Forum, in the hope that I can get AUTHORATATIVE answers, please.

Q ONE: Using the internet, I could only find, after what I thought was quite a good search, the X-Lists for Canada and New Zealand. The one I was really looking for was the X-List for South Africa. DOES ANY MEMBER have the proper, correct X-List for South Africa, please.

Q TWO: I have noticed that the Canadian and New Zealand X-Lists DO NOT AGREE. They are not the same. It is possible, of course, that whoever posted the lists on the Internet made an error. I cannot be sure. Not everything on the Internet should be taken as true, or correct. SHOULD these lists in fact be the same?

Q THREE: Does any member of this group KNOW if the X-Lists for ALL ALLIED country personnel files are exactly the SAME? In other words, does / did GB; South Africa; Australia; Canada; India; New Zealand, etc use the SAME X-Lists?

Q FOUR: Can any one or more members please let me have the X-LIst for South Africa, and, indeed, for other Allied countries, IF the lists are in fact not exactly the same.

Or please give me the Internet reference source as to where I can find such X-List (or Lists).

Additional note: I think that there was also a "Y-List" (and possibly even a "Z-List") - what can you tell me about these, please?

Thank you all, for your time.

Best wishes,




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Are any Members able to help David with information on his query. The subject matter of these

lists could be interesting. Mervyn

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