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1970s Bundesmarine photo album and badge

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I have started to pick this sort of stuff since there seems to be an interest in it, I suppose its all history better than being burned?

The badge was amongst it, I couldn't find anything older then 1949 date wise.

I think it may be a mine sweeper as the one picture that did not come out well due to the flash is of a large explosion, perhaps they have destroyed an old floating mine?

Jock :)

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Thankyou for the ID of the badge.


No, I did not know that, I knew German troops were used on land to clear their own minefields but never thought of the Navy, you learn something everyday!

I kind of liked the lads posing with the helmets on and the rifles as I have similar shots in WW2 albums, boys will be boys!

Jock :)

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Interesting album of the Deutsche Marine. The badges Ehrentitle identified for you was awarded for a specific number of hours at sea and came in bronze, silver and gold.

The post war organization of ex Kriegsmarine sailors that did mine sweeping following the war were in the GMSA (German Mine Sweeping Authority). Immediately following the war they wore their Kriegmarine uniforms with the insignia removed. Eventually they were issued navy blue uniforms virtually identical to the British WWII army battle dress. In 1947 the GMSA was disbanded because of complaints from the Russians that the Allies were trying to create a post war German navy. The majority of these men were then enlisted by the American navy and continued to do the same job but as civilians based out of Cuxhaven, Germany.

The sailors in this album are wearing Deutsche Marine uniforms and are not connected in anyway to the GMSA.



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There is a great book that covers the early days of the West German and East German Navies and the mine sweeping mission mentioned above. It's titled, The Three German Navies: Dissolution, Transition, and New Beginnings, 1945-1960, written by Douglas C. Peifer. It's also been translated and published in Germany by Winkler Verlag as Drei Deutsche Marinen. Auflösung, Übergänge Und Neuanfänge.

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