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Some kind of South Africa presidental brooch

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Hello all,

Here is another "weird" piece that I spotted today in Dublin on sale. Is this some kind of presidential pin from South Africa? It is hallmarked on the back (900 and letters that I forgot now :)).

Does anyone have seen something like this before?



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I have also not see one like this before. It would appear to be (and, possibly confirmed by the

date: 1900) - some sort of lapel badge, with a rather poor portrait of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republik

(Z.A.R.) President, Paul Kruger. (The Z.A.R. later, of course became the Transvaal.)

It shows the Z.A.R. Flag in the correct colours - green, red, white and blue. Also, the eagle with

spread wings appears on the Z.A.R. Arms.

I have a VERY detailed, 240 page, well illustrated book - Boer War Memorabilia by Peter Ooshuizen

and this badge does not appear in it. But of course, that does not mean anything.

I am not an expert on such things, but this is almost certainly a lapel badge of President Paul Kruger,

Z.A.R. President, 1900.

If the price is right, maybe you should buy it. There cannot be many around, I would say.

All the best,

David B.


South Africa


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Timo - you do find some unusual pieces in Dublin. This has been well described above - however, the question

left hanging is - how did it get to Dublin ? Two possibilities , firstly something picked-up as a souvenir by an Irish

regt. soldier. However, the Irish supported Kruger and his Republic - this may have been from one of the Irish

fighting for him ?

With the arms of the republic on the frame this will change values. Contact a London auction - or, ask Paul who

will be able to help. Mervyn

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Thanks guys! Mervyn - I walk around my eyes wide open and I like to look into shops even if their windows looks like full of common boring "bling" :).

Anyway, this piece is pretty large - ca. 5 cm. wide and heavy. I presume "900" stands for 90% gold and 10% alloy (shows that it can't be mass produced pin). I have a look again next week and write down maker initials and year stamp - hopefully these details give us some better indication what for it was used and when.

Anyway, I must make a decision to get it or not (or if any SA collector want, I can pass on the shop details, etc). NO idea what its actually worth so is this right way to proceed; aprox metal value + 20-25% due to the antique factor or is it something much more precious? Anyway, I think a key can be in these other letters!

Thanks again guys,


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Timo - I doubt if it is gold - probably silver that has been gilded. However, anything is possible. The casting is

poor - look at the eagle's beak - but, then look at the enamelling, which is very good and untouched. Does it feel

heavy in the hand ?

How much is the shop asking ? Mervyn

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Werner. Welcome to GMIC. Looking through your collection it appears that you may have one or,

that are official issue. I will check through some ref. works and come back to you.

Paul - 'Desolation Row' ? You must not sink into the quagmire that happens when you work in London. Mervyn

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