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Blown up 17 times....

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His level of Bravery is really beyond description - the traditions of the British Army live with him. His Award of the

Military Cross shows apprecition of the British people - his Family must be very proud.

What is the framework around his helmet ?

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17 times...

He is bound to have some major issues later in life. I hope that the government takes good care of him.

Indeed... I read an article that puts forward the argument that there is/will be so much more PTSD in the future (Compared to WW1 and 2 for example) because a WW2 soldier would have a shell explode near him, get a shell splinter in the arm, leg, whatever.... then be in hospital for a few months...

Nowdays helmets, balistic glasses, body armour etc means a guy CAN get blown up 17 times.....

The argument was, that the mental strain on the modern soldier is actually many times more under strain than a WW2 vet (for example) because the "get out of jail free" card with a small wound and a short hospial stay.... and the potential brain damage potential is horrific.

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