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Is this 1914 Star okay?

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I see nothing wrong with the star or BWM either. As for reuniting the missing VM and IGS 1908, I have all but given up in regards to possible reunites. I have steered well clear of broken groups, unless of course they are named to a member of the Irish Regiment of Canada.

My track record in 30 plus years of collecting is 1 reunite (QSA/KSA pair) and a partial reunite to Rycroft,DCM MM, of the CFA. I had his 14-15 Star for 20 plus years, found his DCM last year. No sign of the MM, BWM or VM.

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Reunites do happen! In 4 years of collecting British medals iv got 3, one for a family whose meritorious service medal went missing in the 30s a victory medal to ramc captain that took me 2 and a half years of mailing the person who had the vic medal and just recently a south African merit service star to a south African police detective major so the best bet is keep looking as it probably will turn up in the end! Nice set though!

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