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Hallo Glenn,

another one for you.

I think he was an former hanoverian officer now in saxonian service.

Saxonian Zivilverdienstorden Ritterkreuz 1th class

Iron cross 2nd class 1870

RAO 4th class


Kriegsdenkmünze 1870 / 71

Hanoverian Guelphen - Orden Ritterkreuz

Langensalza - Medaille

Austria Eiserne Krone Ritterkreuz

Is this a challenge for you or to easy ?

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That is Constantin von Schnehen (1829-1915). In 1866 he was in the Hannoverian Guard Husar Regiment. In 1867 he joined the Saxon Garde Reiter Regiment. His last assignment was as commander of Husar. R. 19. from 19.03.1874-27.01.1882. That regiment was named the 2. Reiter Regiment until 17.12.1875.


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BTW: That is a great looking bar.

I hope it still exists somewhere and its owner knows the identity.

Hi Claudius,

as he died 1915 most of his orders were returnable, so

I don´t think that his medal bar exists complete any more.



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