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I have a BEM EIIR reverse impressed to Thomas Murray along with Buckingham Palace award document THOMAS MURRAY Esq.

The ribbon is civilian.

Along with the medal there is a card that reads "B.E.M. .....etc..... etc........Presented By Lord Provost T A KERR December 1rst 1953.

I cannot find him in the London Gazette (old or new search) or the Edinburgh Gazette

T A KERR was was the Lord Provost (Mayor) of Glasgow in 1953

I have found a THOMAS MURRAY A/WO2 RASC who was awarded a BEM in 1943, but am sure this cannot be him 10 years on would have been very late presentation?

Any suggestions as to where his citation might be?


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Thank you for that.

It really is a good story Would you believe I was a civil engineer with the Glasgow City for 10 years working on sewers amongst other things, The medal will now get a prime position in my collection of anything Glasgow (medals and badges)

How did you find the entry, so I can work out what I wasn't doing.

Gordon B

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HI Gordon,

Restricted the search to "Murray" which worked as there was a relatively small date span. I think that the reason "Thomas Murray" did not show was that there appears to be a mark over the "s" of Thomas which might have confused the search engine!!


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