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EK1 1914 with extras


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Has some engraving




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I posted this on WAF.

"Merck s/l. Bronsart z. fr. Erg. an 54 I.D

Merck seinem lieben Bronsart zur freundliche Erinnerung an 54 Infanterie Division

Please forgive my deutsch but in other words, the engraved EK you are looking at was a private purchase, IMHO, as a present from Merck to his fellow comrade Bronsart remembering their service time. And the date you do not mention, 15.7.16, I believe has to do with the western front battles. "

Who won Emedals auction? Do you know? Cheers, Alex.

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I am always leary of engraved crosses, especially when it involves the name

of a general or other high profile person,

All that being said, I like this one. The engraving looks like other

examples I have seen.

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54ID service record during. July 1916

From May to November 1916, the division saw extensive action in the Battle of Verdun, especially in the fight for Fort Douaumont.

I hope for find out what Bronsart serviced in the 54ID. I wonder if he was a staff officer since the EK doesn't reference a Regt or Bn.

Searching Bronsart certainly resulted in many Bronsart von Schellendorf soldiers before, during, and after WW1. A terrific EK to research.

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I have been looking through the Rangliste and have the following. SO for I haven't been able to find data in what records I have available to see which Bronsart was attached to the 54ID. I would assume it was as a Staff position.

Question: Do you guys think the date on the EK is for the date of action for the award or the date Merck and Bronsart were in the 54ID together? I'm not familiar with how and why Germans gifted awards to one another.


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54. Infanterie-Division 1915-1918

•From March 1915 Generalmajor Oskar Freiherr von Watter (Pour le Mérite 23 December 1917)

•From March 1918 Generalmajor Ernst Kabisch (Pour le Mérite 9 October 1918)

Calendar of battles and engagements

54. Infanterie-Division (Westfront)

03.04.-13.07.1915 Stellungskämpfe in der Champagne

15.07.-23.07.1915 Reserve der O.H.L. und Transport nach dem Osten

54. Infanterie-Division (Ostfront)

23.07.-25.07.1915 Reserve Oberost

25.07.-03.08.1915 Schlacht am Narew

25.07.-27.07.1915 Narewübergang südlich Ostrolenka

03.08.1915 Einnahme von Ostrolenka

04.08.-07.08.1915 Schlacht am Orz-Bach (Goworowo) (Schlacht bei Wonsewo)

07.08.1915 Maidan-Wonsewo-Trynosy

08.08.-10.08.1915 Schlacht bei Ostrow

11.08.-12.08.1915 Schlacht bei Tschishew-Sambrow

13.08.-18.08.1915 Verfolgungskämpfe am oberen Narew und Nurzec

19.08.-25.08.1915 Schlacht bei Bielsk

26.08.-05.09.1915 Verfolgungskämpfe am Swislocz und an der Naumka-Werecia

06.09.-07.09.1915 Schlacht bei Wolkowyszk

08.09.-13.09.1915 Kämpfe um den Kotra-Abschnitt, bei Skidel und Lawna

16.09.-17.09.1915 Schlacht an der Szczara und Jelnia

17.09.-19.09.1915 Verfolgungskämpfe in den litauischen Sümpfen

19.09.-01.10.1915 Reserve der O.H.L. und Transport nach dem Westen

54. Infanterie-Division (Westfront)

01.10.-08.10.1915 Reserve der O.H.L.

09.10.1915-30.01.1916 Stellungskämpfe an der Aisne

11.05.-09.09.1916 Schlacht bei Verdun

18.05. 29.05.1916 Kämpfe um Höhe 304

29.06.1916 Erstürmung feindlicher Gräben südlich des Camardwaldes

30.06.-08.08.1916 Kämpfe um Höhe 304

15.09.-03.11.1916 Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun

24.10.1916 Kämpfe um Fort Douaumont und bei Fort Vaux

04.11.1916-23.02.1917 Stellungskämpfe zwischen Maas und Mosel bei Flirey

24.02.-09.04.1917 Stellungskämpfe zwischen Maas und Mosel bei Richecourt, Seicheprey und Flirey

11.04.-27.05.1917 Doppelschlacht Aisne-Champagne

28.05.-30.06.1917 Stellungskämpfe bei Reims

01.07.-27.07.1917 Stellungskämpfe in der Champagne

02.08.-19.08.1917 Schlacht in Flandern

20.08.-19.11.1917 Kämpfe in der Siegfriedstellung

20.11.-26.11.1917 Tankschlacht bei Cambrai

15.12.1917-21.02.1918 Stellungskämpfe in Lothringen

22.02.-25.03.1918 Ausbildung und Reserve

25.03.-06.04.1918 Große Schlacht in Frankreich

31.03.-05.04.1918 Kämpfe zur Erzwingung des Avre-Überganges bei Moreuil

07.04.-19.04.1918 Kämpfe an der Avre

17.04.-18.04.1918 Kämpfe um den Brückenkopf Moreuil

22.05.-24.06.1918 Kämpfe an Ancre und Somme

24.07.-07.08.1918 Kämpfe an der Avre

08.08.-03.09.1918 Die Abwehrschlacht zwischen Somme und Oise

28.08.-03.09.1918 Schlacht am Nordkanal bei Nesle und Noyon

29.08.-03.09.1918 Schlacht auf den Höhen von Chevilly und Noyon

04.09.-18.09.1918 Kämpfe vor der Siegfriedfront

19.09.-08.10.1918 Abwehrschlacht zwischen Cambrai und St. Quentin

09.10.-04.11.1918 Kämpfe vor und in der Hermannstellung

05.11.-11.11.1918 Rückzugskämpfe vor der Antwerpen-Maas-Stellung

12.11.1918-12.01.1919 Räumung des besetzten Gebietes und Marsch in die Heimat


•Ruhmeshalle unserer alten Armee, 5th edition, Berlin

•Die Schlachten und Gefechte des Grossen Krieges 1914-1918, compiled by the Grosser Generalstab, Berlin 1919

•Histories of 251 Divisions of the German Army which participated in the War (1914-1918) - compiled from records of Intelligence Section of the General Staff, American Expeditionary Forces, at General Headquarters, Chaumont, France, 1919

•Mecklenburgisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 90 1914-1918, Arthur Pries. Oldenburg/Berlin 1925

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There are two sets of Bronsarts and Mercks that began the war in the same regiments.

Lt Bronsart and Lt Merck serving in Dragoon Rgt 18 and OberßtLt Bronsart and Lt Merck in Dragoon Rgt 18. I don't see a connection with either set serving in the 54th ID in 1916.

All of the Mercks I found were Dragoon officers which I find very interesting.

There are 3 Major Bronsarts who were General Staff Officers and a couple who were Schützen and Jäger officers.

I don't know if July 15, 1916 was Bronsart award date for the EKI date or an eventful day for the two men. On 15 July, the French conducted a larger counter-attack which gained no ground; for the rest of the month the French made only small attacks.

I wish Rick L was with us....

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Charles, Chris,

a tenuous link I have found.:

An Oberleutnant Bronsart v. Schellendorff on the staff of 54. Infanterie-Division was awarded the Mecklenburg Militär Verdienst Kreuz First Class on 20 March 1917

Leutnant der Reserve Merck of Fußartillerie-Bataillon Nr. 54 (54. I.D.) was awarded the same decoration on 24 March 1917.

I would hazard the guess that the Oberleutnant was the peacetime active DR 18 Leutnant (Walter), retired as a Rittmeister. Of course Merck could still be one of the two reserve officers of that name originally from DR 18: Karl and Theodor.



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