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This belongs to an old friend who doesn't even own a computer, so I had to scan his polaroids!

Those of us who have Messrs. Pandis, Baldes and Previtera's books know the typical early `20s Meybauer, I call it the "Zucchini" type with the Zeppelin's swollen front section! Also they are all plated.

This one has some nice Meybauer features but others that are very different.


Is this Meybauer hallmark okay?

Could the badges have changed style by the 30s? Could Meybauer have made some "luxus" 800 badges once :hitler: put a lot of old soldiers back on the payroll?

Ferg has a beautiful plated Meybauer Army of the conventional type that everybody looks for now. Maybe he'll post some pix here for comparison.

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In my oppinion not a Meybauer badge.

To many details differs to the known original Meybauer badges. That don't makes sense for me.

I know one Meybauer airship badge marked with maker mark but looks different to this one.

Could this be a later piece, maybe from the 30s?

Possible but I don't believe.

Why came all this questionable badges without any references to the owner. I would never buy any unknown or questionable badges without any reference.



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