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High ranking officer portraits from Heino Fricke publisher Leipzig

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Hi guys.

I bought this nice photo from ebay last week as a birthday present to myself.

It´s the first of it´s kind for me. So I´m interested if someone is able to give me some background infos.

Where these pics sold seperately or as a whole scrapbook or something else?

One unusual thing is the printed name on it. The pics I´ve seen so far were all without any note of the portrayed person.

Gruß Stefan

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nice picture of the later Generalleutnant Richard Gadegast.

I have only come across a handful of named Fricke cards.

I get the impression that they were sold amongst other things, to place in soldiers' barrack rooms and Guard houses etc,, so that soldiers would recognise their commanders.



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Very nice one!!!

I agree with Glenn.

I´ve never seen a kind of a complete "Porträt-Galerie" from Fricke.

It seems they all have been single issues, mostly mid 1890ies.

My impression is as well that mostly they might have been used in the official barracks romms or guard houses to recognize the higher commanders.

Single portraits like yours are nearly always Regimental commanders, usually you will find pics with 4 or five guys, the chain of command upwards; Reg.Cdr, Brig.Cdr, Div.Cdr, CorpsCdr and sometimes the Kaiser.

Lots of greetings


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Heino Fricke was not a photographer but he was a publisher. I asked myself, how he got the photos. I found the following note on the Internet.

Bernhard Otto Frick (later he called himself Fricke), German photographer. Born on April 3, 1857 
in Chemnitz, the son of Ratsexpedient August Leberecht Frick. On April 2, 1883, he appeared as amaster photographer in the photo studio L. Haase & Co. in Berlin as a photographic staff. Haase was one of the oldest and most prominent photo studios in Berlin. In 1886 he took over the studio 
of Leopold Haase. He was married to photographer Emilie Petersen, born in 1859 in Schleswig. 
Together they opened in May 1890, a photo studio in Frankfurt/a.d. Oder. Until 1897, they continued both studios. Then they gave up their activities in Berlin. 

Probably Heinro Fricke is related to Bernhard Otto Fricke. May be they were brothers.   
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