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Just your usual 'M' mark - or is it?


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Please tell more about the French import mark…..

This Swan mark has been used since 1st July, 1893 and up to 1970 it was struck on articles coming from non-contracting countries. In addition it is struck on silverware of the legal standard of fineness, but of unknown origin, which is sold at public auctions ;)

From 'A Guide to Old French Plate' by Louis Carre
"The decree of June 29, 1893, discontinued the use of the 'ET' mark which had been created on January 13, 1864, for marking plate coming from countries without customs conventions, and replaced it by an 'owl' in an oval frame for gold and a 'swan' for silver. This reform had been rendered necessary by the Customs Law of January 11, 1892, which stipulated that all imported gold and silver plate should comply with the same conditions as plate manufactured in France"
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I know this piece for years!

It really is :o

Just shows you how rare they are

But I bet you didn't know about M

Nicky never forgets no Chrysas :cool:

More like never forgets anything :lol:

Not mine, though (my pictures usually have a black background ;) ). Just thought I'd share this rare sight.

Seller asks an excessive price :rolleyes:

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Well at current conversion rate that would be 16.5K €

Last November here in Germany an only sash badge chris sold for 6.5K on auction

So you can get it for a better price :lol:

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Does anybody know who the original recipient of the piece was?

Were documents issued for the Supreme Order as they were for other orders? If so, must be UBER-rare!

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