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First Bulgarian bravery crosses 1880

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Hi Igor,

This is an extremely nice findings

This explains the very good quality of those Silver Crosses.....and their Silver content

Paul Meybauer was one of the top Order makers during WW1 and WW2 period



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Are you sure that silver cross is Bulgarian Bravery award?

Looking at the blurry photos you can't really say with certainty. Shape of the award is similar to Bravery, but image in the center does not look like Bulgarian lion.

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I came upon your Bulgarian medal item when I searched the name Paul Meybauer. Your post features a Meybauer letter and sales catalogue details. I have been trying to find Meybauer's catalogue of about 1924, original or reprint, which features police tschakos. I already have the reprint of the C E Juncker catalogue. I would like to include in my eBook on German police tschakos the pictures of tschakos in the Meybauer catalogue. Are you able to help. I would also like a high resolution copy of the Meybauer letter in your medal post, so as to be able to include the letter head firm's name and address. In return, I can offer copies of my eBooks Russian Military Waistbelts, Russian Military Cockades, Russian Honour Scrolls (includes Bulgarian scroll, also details of scroll awards of the Liberation War 1877-78), German Honour Scrolls, German Police Tschakos.

My email is t.baldwin@hotmail.co.uk

Best regards,

Terry Baldwin

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nice photo of silver cross 


Photo of Nikola Korchev 

Никола Корчев - спаситель Самарско знаме



In bulgarian museum - medals of Angel Gerchev 

"... опълченеца Ангел Герчев от село Старчища – Неврокопско. Той е бил знаменосец на самарското знаме след 1885 година в продължение на 20 години ... "


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On 4/7/2017 at 05:06, Igor Ostapenko said:

medals group from private collection 




Are these actually the same medals as in the photo?

They look different to me, especially how ribbons are folded and how medals are attached. Note Civil Merit medal - you can clearly can see ring between the medal and the ribbon, while actual medal sits higher and ring is covered between the ribbon folds.


Also, the medals in the photo seem to be held together by some device, while actual medal are bunch of loose ones.

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Драган Стоянов, субалтер-офицер на І дружина в Опълчението

with russian and romanian awards


Nikifor Nikiforov - Lt. Gen. with soldiers cross for bravery 


photo of former participant in the Voluntary Corps 


Kosta Panica with soldiers cross 



Вестник България, № 597 от 12 февраля 1903 г. 

" Тези дни Негово Императорско Величество (руският) цар е благоволил да изпрати в подарък на всеки опълченец, кавалер на руския военен орден за храброст, по една хубава сребърна чаша с името на опълченеца и вензела на царя, а на всеки офицер-опълченец по една златна табакера. Ще бъдат раздадени 140 сребърни чаши от масивно сребро, всяка една тежаща по 72 грама, извътре позлатена с вензела на цар Николай II, поставени в дървени кутии, обвити в червена кожа с руския герб."




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Major General Блъсков, Андрей Райков in 1877-78 war "Юнкер в 4-та рота на 2-ра опълченска дружина" receive Златен войнишки кръст "За храброст" 1-ва степен


Major Панов, Павел Спиридонов in 1877-78 war was унтерофицер "3-та рота на 1-ва опълченска дружина"

receive cross 2-nd class


Interesting photo with names 



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At last i managed to get hold of this rare piece, which is believed  to of the one of the first 4th Class Bravery Order...and i managed to solve one of the mystery- where was made this rare and unique piece- in France

It has a French Silver mark "boar head" I am still looking to find a maker mark -it could be anywhere on the cross .If i find it i will post you a picture.






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