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Originals or fakes...Opinions needed.

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Regarding Johns Invitation and huge help in past time, Ive decided to make my account.

Today I would like an advice concerning few badges:

But hopefully some help with pasting images would be awsome.

Thank you

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Good morning, Kamilos....and very warm welcome to the GMIC.

Learning a new system can be a little daunting, but we have a good crowd here who are only too willing to help.

If you follow the link it will take you to a tutorial on how to start new topics, reply to existing topics and post images etc.

If you have any problems, get in touch.


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I have uploaded some bages. Please lemme know wich ones are fake or not and why.


p.s. the alpine troops badge looks legit for me. the ghetto however is a copy inmy opinion

what do you think guys?

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Sorry to say that I don't like any of them..

Don't know much about this ghetto badge, but the enamel looks new.

I agree with Paul on the SS Gebirgsjäger piece...a fantasy piece.

The Germanic Proficiency Runes badge is just wrong...incorrect hardware, originals were not riveted etc.

The double marked HJ National Trade Competition Victors Badge is also a fake, imo. As far as I'm aware, there was no 1944 Kreissieger Badge produced.

Again, I agree with Paul...The veterans badge is a cast copy.

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Thank for replies. Honestly as You all mentioned, the mountain troops badge is a very strange one. Ive google internet and search some books and still I havent found it. Any ideal if its really a fake or perhaps some unknown type? Please gimme any idea.

Concerning a new piece of art:

I bet copy, because of the base clip, what do you think??

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I would give the infantry assualt a miss. You really have been had with your badges, the last one is a fantasy piece, I think they come from Poland as most of the Polish fleamarket lads here in Germany stock this sort of item, to be fair most sell them as fakes.

jock :)

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Thanks for help! Greately its not in my collection :) However this infantry badge made me wonder of its originality.

Now I know, thanks.

I know there are many copies, fakes or any other fantasy pieces in poland, thats why I really would be gratefull for professionall help, before any potential shopping :)

At the end Im adding this tank assault badge, for professional advice, however in my opinion it could be a authentic one because of the clip base, however lack of any markings and it condition seems like a copy ;/ ??

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Im posting quite often, thats because I have still 3 days off from work, then at least work and I wont be so active on forum....

Gentelman I would like an information on this tank badge posted above and confirmation about:

panzer badge: I just wonder is the type of signature marked closer to the upper edge is correct or the lower one??? In me personal e-book search I found the lower mark and clip base correct.... Please help. :)

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Thank John. Your advice is priceless!

Is the image below a bad copy of Frank&Reif Stuttgard, or perhaps an original one? Im clueless...

pict ofc from an intenet-fleemarket site.....

Edited by Kamilos
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Recent finding with Johns little help. Thanks

The close combat bar, Friedrich Linden of Lüdenscheid (FLL) VERY GOOD FAKE!!!, gentelman beware

Picture uploaded: clip base too large and wrong bar type!! in top picture correct type

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Hi thanks for answer. Its a very well training for myself in order to investigate all the fakes around....

Secondly I would rly be gratefull for any links to german and english auction sites with reall, good quality and not so expensive badges....

In addition Im sending another very tricky copies frome some recent fleemarkets ........

clasp with inadequate details and clips I suppose?

and my favourite "no idea what this is" high sea badge .....

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Indeed... as more time im spending on auctions, there is more and more copies...

- Now I would like to share a hand combate badge, obviously a fake because of the clip..

- second a luftware ground forces fake, found on an auction site

- and a very strange copy??? of pilot badge with fake pins on the back?

- and the last one Im in a need of identification of those ribbons.... as far as I know the first one is from an iron cross 1919 I-WW, rest are out of my league for identification. ribbon bar is in my collection, rest are just for identification, fake training purposes

- last one is a real luftwafe ground in my opinion....

Any help and comment will be a usefull guidance

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Morning, Kamilos

With regards to the Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge....well, it looks like you have found an original piece. Until quite recently, the maker of this badge type was unknown. Now, after a few examples found in packets with the maker's stamp, they are attributed to Hammer & Söhne.

As to the ribbonbar.... From left to right: WW1 EK2 - ? - Hindenburg Cross with swords - NSDAP 10 year service cross - 1st October 1938 - Sudetenland Commemorative Medal.

Hopefully, the Imperial guys will be able to help with the award next to the EK.

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