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hey guys.

again some new findings on trade forums...
first panzer badge, definetly a fake one

second one infantry piece... a fantasy one or perhaps an unmarked unknown producer??? I have no idea, any comments are welcome

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Thank for replies. Honestly as You all mentioned, the mountain troops badge is a very strange one. Ive google internet and search some books and still I havent found it. Any ideal if its really a fake or perhaps some unknown type? Please gimme any idea.

Concerning a new piece of art:

I bet copy, because of the base clip, what do you think??


Concerning your IAB...your intuition is correct and this one is a fake often found on the re-enactor sites.

It is patterned after the ShuCo / ShuCo Design family of IAB's and has been aged to give it that "been there" look.

Here is what they look like prior to the aging technique.

Best Regards, fischer

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Morning, K

Looks like you are getting better at this....

The items in post #35, going on the pictures supplied, look like they have a good chance of being originals.

Still, better to ask for better pics and 'right of return' if you are thinking of buying.

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Hi John.

Browsing many flee market sites is very time consuming, but its worth the effort to gain some knowledge and expertise level when comparing to some model book examples and when im not sure, ask some more experienced forum friends.

My latest discovery is quite unique I guess...... Besides classic and unique arm shields, such as krym, demjansk, narvik, cholm, kuban that are rare to get in original piece, and in good condition.. my latest discovery involves a finding of some very crazy nasty copies, a fantasy pieces im guessing. Perhaps you already know those fantasy types, but for me and accoring to an comparable article on: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/campaign_awards/shields/campaign_shields_main.htm---> those are trully some pieces of art!

p.s. there was also a post on forum about ones user collection that had all original campaign shields, even warsaw one.. was it even an original pieces, since according to history sources all warsaw arm shields were edstroyed during warsaw uprising???

p.ps. jes john, those on pic 35 are 3 original pieces I bought, after triple check with my 4 books on german militaria :)

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two mister pieces:

1- first mk - any comment on this badge would be great, is it a rare maker?

2- mistery inf badge with reversed number 7 on reverse (marked with arrow) - also please, any comments would be valuable.

thank you

3- huge massive clasp - according to my findings, all badges with this type of clasp are copies, made in UK around 1960? - (finding after a small help of Jock - thank you :)


comments would be valuable!!!

thank you

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I will point out badges are not my main effort but I could not find a badge of that type with that catch and given your location I suspect you will be subjected to an endless bombardment of copies.

I also stated to you privately due to your location I will not comment on your ground dug stuff! The further East you go it seems the more often folk will dig a grave to steal from the dead, I will not be a part of that unlike WRF/WAF.

Never seen an MH or heard of it but look at it yourself, it is only an inf assualt badge, it has the look it is complicated in it's construction with the crimped needle, ball hinge and crimped catch, it looks worn in the areas one would expect, got to be worth a punt if the price is not outrageous? it would be really hard work to replicate this production tequnique and to what ends as it would no doubt be quickly rummbled? I think we would also be seeing a lot of them already if it were fake? Give it a spin!

Edited by Jock Auld
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Hello. Recently I have found few very interesting pieces of parachutist hand combat clasps. Are those badges very hard to obtain??? All I have found on the internet are copies. Below clasp image found on the web.

Does anyone of you fellow collectors have this badge in original piece?

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Hi Kamilos,


"Are those badges very hard to obtain???"


How hard is it, to obtain fantasy badges?


"All I have found on the internet are copies."


You found copies of fantasy pieces? Can you show examples with links?



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Hello Uwe.

For quite some time I have been wondering about identity and originality of those clasps.

Here are some links for you; (I cant find the one www site where this 'fantasy" piece was for 450euros...............)

p,s, Im really interested in this topic.


1) Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager

Close Combat Badge Bronze, silver gold:



2) http://thirdreichshop.com/luftwaffe-paratrooper-combat-clasp-bronze-wwii-nazi-german-medal-award/

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Thanks Uwe.

So many fantasy pieces are confusing.




Belowe, I would like to share my new discovery.


 Rudolph Karneth, RK-  IAB unsigned badge!

1-3 image- my acquired piece

4th image- screenie from german militaria.com



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