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Kenya remembers start of East Africa campaign in 1914


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A very often over-looked part of the Great War.

Europe's colonies in Africa were drawn into the fighting almost as soon as the imperial powers went to war in 1914.

Corporal Murimi Mwiti, on guard near the town of Taveta Kenya, was killed in an exchange of fire with German troops as they crossed the frontier on August 15th 1914.

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Thanks for posting this information.

For those interested in the German East African Campaign, a large number of articles have been written by Harry Facitt MBE TD that might be of interest. Detailed information on this campaign is very hard to find, so Harry's well researched articles usually provide a unique insight on the various aspects to this campaign.

Here is the link: http://www.kaiserscross.com/188001/home.html


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I spent some time in central and east Africa doing surveys and inspections, and from personal experience know how difficult it can be to get to some of the battlefields there. Roads and transportation spring to mind for most people, but there's other matters. If you're not in towns or villages, the environment can be hostile (wild game, exposure to various diseases), locals wondering what a "mzungu" (or white man) is doing walking around on his own, armed poachers, political instability, etc.

Ah...the good old days. ;-)

The Livingstone Museum in Zambia was at one time, the main museum in the country that was once known as Northern Rhodesia. After Zambian Independence in 1964, some of the old white settler families began leaving, and frequently donated items to the museum. One of the rooms had a small display of items associated with the former Northern Rhodesian regiment. In the center of the room and accessible to the public, was a M08 Maxim that was taken from the Koenigsberg in 1915. It was used by Lettow-Vorbecks men until they surrendered it on November 25, 1918, taken home by a NR farmer, and donated to the museum.

I have a very vivid recollection of putting both hands on the grips and thinking about where it had been.

The East African campaign won't be forgotten by me.

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