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Gallipoli Star/Turkis War Medal/ Eiserner Halbmond (Tischbein)


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Attached are images of the Turkish War Medal which Willy Tischbein was entitled to wear since the 12. August 1917( see http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/37362-who-is-grovater-tischbein/?hl=Tischbein).

Is one of the gents aware of the (German) maker of this stamped silver version?

Both Godet and Maybauer have been suggested.

The two photgraphs seem to have been taken during meetings with the Turkish allies.

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Although the base design of the medal looks like both, IMHO I don't think that it is either of them because of the tougra. Godet's and Meybauer's tougra is better written and more look alike to the original tougra especially in the middle (lines like waves). This medals tougra do not look the tougra made by them.



1. Godet

2. Meybauer

3. Original Tougra

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This is only my opinion, let us wait to see what our friends going to say.

Another point, normally Godet and Meybauer cuts the end of the rivets.

Case was specially made for the medal by the jeweller.
As far as I remember Godet's interior material was blue, but of course it doesn't mean they all are

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...those who are registered in the Geman forum (SDA) may find there a Godet piece with the ends of the rivets not beeing cut:


There seem to be quite a lot of varieties.

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You are absolutely right. There are a lot of different features. I just meant to demonstrate that the backs of these two pieces look quite similiar.

I understand you do not have this specific variety in your book? Can I order it directly from you?

Are there other members of the forum who have an opinion?

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