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1915 y. Archangelsk .

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In January 1915 HMS "Jupiter" was detailed to keep open the vital supply route to Archangelsk

for the supply of ammunition to Russia .

In recognition of this achievment the Medal of Zeal was given to each member of the crew .

The ribbon of Order of St. Anne was attached to medals for Chief Petty Officers

and ribbon of Order St. Stanislas to the lower ranks .

Officers receive Orders .

Crew of HMS "Jupiter" - 672 .

How Chief Petty Officers was on the board of HMS "Jupiter" ? :beer:

Medals Group of 141041 W. Hutchings C.E.R.A. 1st Cl. with Russian Zeal Medal on the St. Anne ribbon.

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Quite a late answer, :P

However, the answers for different ribbons is the same as the answer why officers get orders and the lower grades get the zeal-medal,

Just because of the ranks, just to state the difference between the sailor and the lieutenant.....

Even the english do it, Admirals become knighted, sailors get a medal to commemorate their part in the action......

Belgians give lower grades of the national orders to the NCO's and soldiers, whereas officers get the knights-classes immediately....

yes, the pure equal society doesn't exist..... :o:P but differences motivates :):D:D

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