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USA and Europe after the WAr World II.

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As all we know the winners of WW2 were the UK (And the dominions I mean Canada, Australia and New Zealand), The US of North America and France (vía De Gaulle) for one side and the URRS by the other. But who were the loosers?, is obvious that Germany and Japon, Italy fascist section, raelly there was a civil war at last.

But the other countries? Spain, half and half, Franco won individualy and got the international award in the fifties via Eisenhower and some military bases: Rota and Zaragoza go to american hands to pay the favour.

Untill now I think it is public domain that it is happened. Other loosers, the jews, teh Gypsis and in general the minorities that went agaisnt the nazis. As students (White Rose), militar elite (as Stauffenberg) and in general the best of german people finish their lifes in the Jail.

But what happen with the other countries? Holland, Belgium, Norway, Greece, etc...

Here the allied conference, as Teheran, didn't say nothing about, just in the share out or in the influence areas.. Of course the URRS eats Poland, Romanie, Checoslovaquia, Bulgaria, even east germanie.

Hitler predict the breakdown of allied front (too clever to win the war) and just failed by months... once war was over in Europe of Course. A new age, the call "cold war" begins the same day. And it make a condition of future.

(Will continue)The real and only winner of the war, USA decided what was going to be the new order in West Europe and Japan. And was through the general commanders ( Marshall, Eisenhower, McArthur, mainly, Patton was too emotional) that they made that, and the money.

It was not time to discuss about cause things were going worse and worse by moments with Stalin. Then they apply a system very like to Sudamérica (if you have seen "Why we fight", it is a very good example of allied propaganda).

Then the experience said that was much easier to get understanding with local holigarchies that begin to organize elections, countrie by countrie with the enemie at doors (URRS).

(will be continued)

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