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Taurus Pursuant

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Hello ,

My name is Kevin 29 years old i live in Belgium Zonhoven i am searching for more information about Taurus Pursuant they have liberated my town on 11 september 44 now i am trying to find more information about it .

Kindly regards Kevin

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Welcome, Kevin. I believe you are referring to the British 11th Armoured Division, whose sign was a "charging bull" -


"Taurus Pursuant" tactical sign on the right as you are looking at the Sherman tank:


From the UK MoD website:

The 11th Armoured Division, whose sign was a "Taurus Pursuant" or "Charging Bull", was raised in March 1941 by Major General Percy Hobart and consisted of 29th Armoured and 159th Infantry Brigade.

Under command of Major General 'Pip' Roberts, the division landed in Normandy on 13th June 1944 and saw action throughout the campaign, including Operation EPSOM, spearheading Operation GOODWOOD and the fighting around the Falaise Pocket.

It liberated Antwerp on 4th September 1944 and was involved in Operation MARKET GARDEN and the fighting to contain the German Ardennes offensive. It crossed the Rhine on 28th March 1945 and was involved in fighting until the end of the war, liberating Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in mid-April 1945 en route.

The division was dissolved at the end of January 1946 and briefly reformed from 1950 to 1956. During the 1944-1945 campaign it suffered 1,820 killed, more than 8,000 wounded and a 300% turnover of its tanks.

My guess is that you will find a lot of info if you Google "11th Armoured Division"

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There is a history of their war, I have a copy.


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Hello Kevin!

You may find this map from "The Story of the Twenty-Third Hussars 1940-1946" interesting, as well as a link to download "History of 15th-19th The King's Hussars 1939-1945" (21.16mb). 23rd Hussars served in the 29th Armoured Brigade and 15th/19th The King's Hussars was with the divisional troops of the 11th Armoured Division. http://www.lightdragoons.org.uk/downloads.html


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No, only a brief mention of the actions in that area and it is shown on a map. I have added the relevant pages that cover the actions in your area.


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