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6 new Defense Ministry medals

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The following Russian Defense Ministry medals, although not yet seen by the author :blush: , have been approved by ministerial orders:
Medal "Chief Marshal of Aviation Kutakhov"
Medal "Signal Corps Marshal Peresypkin"
Medal "For service in naval surface forces"
Medal "Artist Grekov"
Medals "All-Army competition" 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Medals "World Championship tank biathlon 2014" 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
All hang from the standard Russian pentagonal mount.
Sorry for the tiny image, this is as good as it gets for now... All approved Defense Ministry medals (pentagonal mounted ones).
NOTE: and yes, I darn near fell off my chair... :o
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So nice to have friends in Moscow! On the way in the mail are these 4 recently established defense ministry awards.

Left to right:

Medal "For Service in Electronic Warfare Troops"

Medal "Participant in the Struggle Against the Elements of the Amur"

Medal "For Service in Naval Surface Forces"

Medal "For achievements in the development of innovative technologies"


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Here's our first look at the newly established Medal "Signal Corps Marshal Peresypkin". Still seeking the establishment order.


Not a bad likeness.

Signal Corps Marshal Peresypkin

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All (and only) Defense Ministry ribbons have the yellow left half with a single or double black edged stripe(s). Single black edge stripe is a regular award, double edge stripes mean a commemorative or honorary award. The only department also using the edge black stripes on yellow half is the Office for Chemical Disarmament which used to be under the Defense Ministry.

Some other ministries and departments also do this to visually enhance theit awards. The Foreign Intelligence Service has a yellow bordered light blue left half.

The more recent FSB and FSO awards' ribbons have a yellow (sometimes white) bordered darker blue half.


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I think the neck ribbon has been replaced by a standard Defense Ministry coloured one and that the medals were reduced in size and hung from the standard Russian pentagonal mounts, unfortunately, all I have to base that statement on is the poster in post #1 of this thread. The 4th to 6th medals from the right in the 2nd to last row.

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Nice - so they probably do get to wear them along with regular medals :)

It's graduation week at the university where I now work, and I'm helping with the ceremonies, but after that I'd maybe better take another look at the Russian section of my site. Haven't been there for a while and you good folks keep finding more & more medals!

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