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Got a big pile of it at the weekend, just going through it and sorting it out. I thought this was interesting as it reminds one that lives were going on in the middle of the chaos of war with the daily drama and stresses of normal life relationships etc to deal with as well, the typed FP are always best as you can read them easily.

Jock :)

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Hello Jock.

Your samples showing postal addresses rather than F.P. numbers seem to be those of homeland installations which were public facilities and not in need of secrecy. I doubt that other such directed mail would have made it past the local postal office.

Your first letter (Mr.Rasch) was most interesting as he reports his professional affairs AND his divorce with his new engagement to be married to a lady already expecting?!? He had the cooperation of a civil servant who didi not insist on submission of the final divorce decree. And to think that the then home area would be lost forever just two years later.

Bernhard H. Holst

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He had been a bit busy hadn't he. I don't know how he coped with such a busy 'social' life.

I was surprised the Blind flying school and Channel Watch Group were in plain speak and not FPN, one would think that any mail was suseptable to intercept at any point regardless of where it originated? Maybe an oversight at the time that provided a good source of Int, I suppose we will never know?

I am sure that captured or stolen mail would be equivilant of intecepted phone and email conversations today and would have been valued.

Never gave it much thought before now...

Jock :)

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