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Nice Bund Arty NCOs

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Got this yesterday, it is a very nice shape and the style is very similar to its WW2 counterpart.

Looks to be private purchase in Hannover.

The peak is leather like the old WW2 crushers.

It may be quite early as some of his other stuff was as well but I didn't take that.

Jock :)

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Interesting hat. Very early issue of the pipped visor hats as you mentioned. Leather visor is unusual and I have not seen this maker before. Also, rare to see a smooth cap band. I have a couple with the smooth cap band rather then the ribbed one. Al in all, a very interesting cap.



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Glad it is of interest, you should see his HBT work cap (in fact you will when I get time), if it were not for a very small lable (easily removed) you could badge it as Coastal Artillery and sell it on (if one was that way inclined) and I doubt it would be challenged.

Jock :)

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