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An award to recognise his contribution to the struggle of NS cause before they came to power. Is that a likeness of the badge at he top of the doc as the picture is too dark to view?

I have never seen this before but then there is plenty I haven't seen.

Jock :)

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What surprises me is that I may, just like Jock, still have plenty to see, but the supposedly most efficient search engine of the internet doesn't have a clue either.

Hakenkreuz-Ärmelabzeichen (with or without 27.1.1934) doesn't give any (reasonable) result.

It makes me somewhat suspicious but, of course, I'd be very pleased to change my mind.



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Hello readers.

Here is my guess and it is no more than that.

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg apparently instituted a distinction along the lines given by Jock above during January, 1934 and the Senator in charge of Internal Affairs of the city awarded this distinction to the Hauptmann of the Schutzpolizei in December of that year.

It reminds me a bit of the " Alter Kaempfer" chevron that members of the SS wore on their right uniform sleeve to denote their membership before 1933, the year of the " Machtergreifung" ( assumption of power by A. Hitler).Of note are the several distinctions instituted by Gauleiter in the form of breast badges. I am not aware of any clean-up on a national basis of this hodge-podge system similar to the 1935 edict which prohibited the wear of the multitude of Freikorps, Veterans Association etc awards with few exceptions.

A clue may be found in the party organisation guide following 1935 which may make mention of such matters.

Bernhard H. Holst

Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
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I'd be very surprised, when you consider the density of the collectors & dealers in this very city that no information on a specific Hamburg distinction ever trickled to one of them (Weitze, Patzwall, Niemann, Hüsken, Blass & many others) and then to the net. To my opinion, this document of this arm award that has the form of a breast award is not trustworthy.


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