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Hello Chris.

The Ehren Rangliste shows three possible Hauptleute Schwerdtfeger:

- Hptm. a.D.Schwerdtfeger , recalled to service. Employed II. Ers.Abt. FAR 39, prior to retirement assignment to FAR 5;

- Hptm. Schwerdtfeger in Fussart..R. von Hindersin (1.Pomm.) Nr. 2 ; Survived the war.

- Hptm. Schwerdtfeger, 2.Wuertt. F.A. Nr.29 Prinz-Regent Luitpold von Bayern, died in action 26.July 1915 near Szarlat ( Narew ),

The system in use at the time excluded first names unless more than one with same last name in the identical unit. This of course throws obstacles in researchers' way.

I hope above helps.

Bernhard H. Holst

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in Willi Geile's book listing of HOH3X winners, the two late war winners are both listed as Leutnant d.R. (and one of those was Ernst). An Hauptmann d.R. Schwerdtfeger also won the HOH3X in July 1918.

There was an Hauptmann d.R. Schwerdtfeger in FAR 30 but he was Wilhelm Schwerdtfeger.

Do you have an exact date for the award?



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the information I have regarding the award of the HOH3X to officers with the name of Schwerdtfeger in 1918 are as follows: the two dates are the date of publication in the Militär-Wochenblatt and Staatsanzeiger respectively:

Hauptmann d.R. Schwerdtfeger: 30 Jul 18, 3 Jul 18

Leutnant d.R. Schwerdtfeger: 26 Oct 18, 25 Sep 18

Leutnant d.R. Ernst Schwerdtfeger: 9 Nov 18, 15 Oct 18



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I have four HOH3X recipients, but I am missing one Lt.d.R. recipient, which is probably the one named Ernst. My notes are all in German since the sources are as well, but hopefully that won't be a problem. There are some dates missing for some promotions I can't find. Chris's guy, a Hptm.a.D., is apparently not in Geile's book, so I suppose another one of the missing November 1918 awards that were not gazetted because of the fall of the monarchy.

Schwerdtfeger, Wulf Conrad Wilhelm
*10.5.1874 in Wensin, Kr. Segeberg, †17.3.1932 in Wiesbaden
- ?? aus d. Hauptkadettenanstalt als Sek.Lt. i.d. FAR 5 eingetreten (Pat. v. 17.5.92), 1899 Abschied bewilligt.
- ab 1899 Maler und Modezeichner in Berlin, Paris, Schlesien, München, Murnau und zuletzt Wiesbaden
- ab Mobilmachung i.d. RFAR 44 eingezogen, leicht verwundet 1914 als Bttr.Offz., 6./RFAR 44, 5.11.14 OLt.a.D., 13.3.16 Hptm.a.D., z.Zt. bei der II.Ers./FAR 39
- verheiratet 14.4.1910 in Berlin mit Friederike Charlotte (Lotte) Ziegler (*8.8.1876 in Berlin, †15.9.1934 in Niederbarnim), 1914 geschieden, kinderlos.
- HOH3X, EK1&2, HH
Schwerdtfeger, Harald Ernst
*2.6.1888 in Wensin, Kr. Segeberg, Bruder des vorigen
- Graphiker und Presse-Zeichner in Berlin
- 1910-10 Einj.-Freiw. im IR 114
- im Felde mit RIR 93, leicht verwundet 1916 als Uffz., ?? Lt.d.R., zuletzt Rgts.-Adj.
- HOH3X, EK1&2, VAw
Schwerdtfeger, Wilhelm Georg Richard
*3.12.1879 in Löhrstorf bei Oldenburg in Holstein
- 1907 Dipl.-Ing., 1919 Baurat, um 1936 Baurat der Behörde für Technik und Arbeit, Strom- und Hafenbau in Hamburg
- 1901-02 Einj.Freiw. im FAR 30, 22.3.07 Lt.d.R., ins Feld mit Rgt., 27.1.15 OLt.d.R., ?? Hptm.d.R.
- HOH3X, EK1&2, LD2, BZ3bX, HH
Schwerdtfeger, Richard Ernst Hermann Wilhelm
*5.1.1885 in Rönhof bei Sonderburg auf Alsen
- 10.3.04 Fähnrich, IR 65, 18.8.05 Lt., 5.8.14 OLt., 18.8.15 Hptm., 9.18-x.19 in engl. Gefangenschaft, 1920 Char. Maj.a.D.
- 1926-34 Gutspächter auf Gut Gerstin in Vorpommern
- um 1936 wohnhaft als Maj.a.D. in Stralsund
- HOH3X, EK1&2
Quellen: Militär-Wochenblatt, Deutsches Geschlechterbuch, Verlustlisten
Regarding Ernst, there were at least three that I know of, although one was taken prisoner in 1914 and sat out the rest of the war. I would guess the late-war Ernst was the Lt.d.R. Ernst Schwerdtfeger from JRzP 11, killed in action on 8.11.18 as an aviator with Flgr.Abt. A 252, but that's only because of the aviator connection.
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The officer meant here in Chris' inquiry as well as his brother listed by Dave seemed to have had an artistic nature. Wulf resigned from the military to pursue a career as painter and also sketching fashions. He sure saw his country and Paris.

Bernhard H. Holst

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