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French ribbon bar with questions 1


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Hello Gentlemen,

my interest in frech medal bars and ribbon bars is increasing. I´ve got this nice

ribbon bar from a friend of mine. Now I would like to learn more. I tried to

determine the ribbons but I was not successfull with all of them.

Here my results:

The Order of Social Merite

The War Cross 1939 - 1945

The War Cross for foreign operational theatres

The Combatant´s Cross

The Colonial Medal

The 1939 - 1945 Commemorative war Medal

The 1943 - 1945 Italian campaign Medal

The Indochina Campaign commemorative Medal

The Insignia for the Military Wounded


Order of the Million Elephants and the White Umbrella


The Order of Quissam Alaouite Knight

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First of all, judging by the other awards, I'd bet good money the very first ribbon is not for the Order of Social Merite but in fact a baddly faded Médaille Militaire (military medal) ribbon.

Secondly, the ribbon immediatly after the wounded insignia ribbon I believe to be for the Syria-Cilicia commemorative medal.

Sorry, I am completely unfamiliar with the lower 3...

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TacHel is absolutely right !

Last unknown bottom middle is Le Dahir de Satisfaction, Morocco.




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