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Hi gents,

I would like to show you my newest purchase. Although the awards are quite typical for a Lippe soldier, the group is quite rare.

The mechanic Fritz Neese from Bad Meinberg / Lippe was Flugzeugführer-Unteroffizier in the "Flieger-Abteilung A(rtillery) No. 238".

There were only a very few soldiers from Lippe becoming a pilot in WW1 (most probably not more than ten), which makes this small group quite unique.

So far I was not able to find any additional information on him, maybe somebody can help ?

Best regards


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There are some info on Fritz Neese on ancestry.de. He joined FAA 238 on 03.07.1917.

He is also listed in a loss list dated 29.08.1918 as badly WIC.

He was born 01.01.1894 in Bad Meinberg, Lippe


Wow, thanks a lot for the information! :love:

But this means, the medalbar definitely does not belong to him ?! Hmmmmm....

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Hi Torsten you are correct that Neese is reported as wounded. But in this case noted as verletzt which means that it was not due direct enemy action. Think that injured might be an English equivalent.

As an flyer it was nearly always in starting or landing accidents. But it could also be other accident related incidents.

I have no note that he died or when he died.

I am no doctor and the note badly (schwer) is also an spread concept. It actually exist flyers who were reported badly wounded and who were back at front within a month or two.


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