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Photo story: personal tailor for former Egyptian presidents


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Not a lot of overhead invested in decorating the shop, but lovely work! I'm interested [as a part time cobbler] in the forward slant in the leg of the top boots and wonder whether it is deliberate. I'm guessing it would give an odd wrinkle around the ankle when worn. OTOH, making good Wellington boots is the true test of a cordwainer, so perhaps these are apprentice work or a rush job.

Thanks for sharing, Chris.


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In the early 1990's I had the good fortune to visit twice Tewfiq Bichay at his home in Quebec. In discussion I recall him mentioning that whilst Sadat took an interest in the design of some awards he was very keen on the appearance of his uniform and was quite vain in this regard. Indeed images of him in uniform wearing the Sinai Star neck badge - only awarded to him in memory of the combat death of his brother, have him looking quiet smart. Incidentally I gather from a book on wartime Cairo by Artemis Cooper that Sadat was implicated in a spying case on behalf of the AXIS powers and the reason the two German/Egyptian spies were not executed was because Sadat would also have had to have been shot and this was an unacceptable course of action to the British authorities at the time when relations with the Egyptian authorities were strained.



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