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help please with strange item.

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Im new here and Im looking for a little help, I have found this small brass dish, about 3 inch diamitor, on the reveres is engraved "Lt. Leslie A. Smith R.V.P"

I can find no account of him. im not sure of the age of the item but from the engraved lion i think it might be quite early.

I can find no militry refrence to R.V.P

If anyone is able to offer any Ideas or point me in the right direction I will be very gratful. I have enjoyed looking through the post on the forum and will be hanging around from now on

Cheers Richard

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Indeed an interesting piece. The lion looks heraldic, which doesn't men NOT military but I feel a touch fancy in style to be a badge. However, I am by no means an expert on early British plates and badges and must admit that 'R V P' conveys nothing to me either. :blush: However, I'm sure some of the UK members can assist.

Welcome to the GMIC, by the way. Always nice to get fresh blood and new perspecyives.


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Welcome to the forum and thank you for starting off your membership with a mystery for us.

The meaning of "RVP" will be running in my mind, much like the song "It's a Small World After All" has a habbit of doing; however, you "RVP" is a welcomed puzzel.

Your suggestion that it might be Indian is an intertesting one and broadens the field of possibilities. It certainly looks old and most interesting...for a fiver you say. Well done.



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Having dug deep, one meaning for R.V.P might mean "Rift Valley Province" This would tie in with the lion, from what little I’ve read so far, British military rule started in 1895 in the Rift Valley Province.

Will do further research, even if it’s a red herring its interesting stuff lol

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