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I have always had my eye on this award,and I know it's a rare bird.To me this and the B.O. may be the best looking badge that came out of the Reich.

Anyone, Enlisted or Officer who was awarded the Coburg badge automatically was eligible for the totenkopf ring. I have never heard of this..I did get this from wikipedia,which I normally never do,but I thought it was interesting.

During the Third Reich some badges were bestowed automatically, Soldiers receiving the RK that didn't have an EK1 or EK2 got those two awarded immediately before the RK.

How many Coburg awardees were also given other party awards,especially the 2 ultimate party badges,The Blood Order,and the Gold party badge?

I would assume ALL 450 Coburg recipients would be eligible for the Blood Order,and Gold Party Badge.

I'm hoping someone knows a ballpark figure off the top of their heads( and this wouldn't surprise me in the least!). I'm trying to cross reference but 450 is a lot of peeps to be searching and may take a bit of time :)



A quick breakdown


Coburg badge: 450

Blood ORder: 1500 (16 women received the award,another fact that I was unaware of)

Gold party badge: 100,000



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Yeah it would be nice to have a full list, but almost impossible.I'm looking for more of a percentage of the 450 that got all three badges, not necessarily a definitive number.Not sure if that makes sense to you?


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Right,but it would be interesting to know who had all 3,I'll get to it eventually :)



SS Standartenführer Jakob Grimminger had the Coburg Badge, Golden Party Badge and the Blood Order.

See the SS Dienstaltersliste 1942. Grimminger is Nr 45 (page 5).



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Hi, Eric


So, I have a rare day off, the dog has been walked… it’s cold, wet and windy and I thought that a bit of research in to the holders of the GPB/ BO/CB would be a good way to spend the day.


To help you along a little in your research, I have been through the 432 pages of the 1938/39 “Dienstaltersliste der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP (SS)†and have come across the following members of the SS that were holders of the “threeâ€â€¦.this includes SS Standartenführer Jakob Grimminger posted by Turtle.


So: Members of the SS who held the Golden Party Badge, Blood Order and Coburg Badge (1938/39)


Name..................Party Number / SS Number


Buch, Walter............... 7733 / 81353

Amann, Max................. 3 / 53143

Graf, Ulrich............... 8 / 26

Maurice, Emil.............. 39 / 2

Füss, Simon................ 72008 / 1700

Eggerdinger, Max........... 14463 / 280332

Grimminger, Jakob.......... 758 / 135

Hirschberg, Paul........... 907 / 99829

Kellner, Karl.............. 45052 / 2636

Göbel, Paul................ 14302 / 712

Remmel, Karl............... 14254 / 289218

Sir, Franz................. 49241 / 1676

Von Sperl, Theodor......... 3536 / 89142

Steinbeisser, Otto......... 10041 / 2854

Wittmann, Karl............. 89036 / 8479

Larché, Erich.............. 260 / 3031

Bäumer, Johann............. 11554 / 5632

Pertl, Josef............... 25015 / 55332




Extremely low numbers when you consider that there are approx’ 14000 members of the SS mentioned in this particular ‘Dienstaltersliste’.


Anyway, hope this helps…


Found this on the Net... Members of SS Div Wiking, one of which is wearing the CB.


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Himmler did not receive the Coburg Badge.

the recipient of my BO # 626 Franz Fuchs who was with the SA Munich was also awarded the Coburg badge, GPB and the 1929 RPT badge.



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