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Order of the Star of Karađorđe with Swords - British recipients

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I found this list in book "Knights of the Star of KaraÄ‘orÄ‘e with Swords" by Tomislav Vlahović (Витезови Карађорђеве звезде Ñа мачевима - ТомиÑлав Влаховић).

Considering that this is British forum perhaps someone will find his/hers ancestor in the list.

I will write down all of the names in alphabetical order, please don't reply until I finish.

SS stands for Silver and GS for Golden Soldiers' Star.


PS please don't mind if I misspell a name, I am writing them as found in the book.


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Bailey Frank, sergeant major - GS
Baker Charles, sergeant - GS
Baker Ernest, regimental sergeant major - SS
Baker Thomas, rifleman - GS
Baldwin Arthur, sergeant - SS
Bale Ralph, company sergeant major - SS
Barker Francis, captain - IV class
Barnes Jesse, squadron sergeant major - SS
Barry Alfred, major - IV class
Bates Harold, private - SS
Bayley Albert, corporal - GS
Beach William, major/bvt. lieutenant colonel - IV class
Beaumont John, far. quartermaster sergeant - SS
Belcham Lionel, corporal - SS
Bell Frank, act. sergeant - GS
Bennett Edward, company sergeant major - SS
Berry Benjamin, private - SS
Berry Harold, private - SS
Betley Robert, lance corporal - SS
Bierton Albert, private - GS
Bird Arthur,  quartermaster sergeant - SS
Birkett William, lance corporal - GS
Bligh Benjamin, gunner - GS
Blood William, sergeant - GS
Borthwick Francis, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Bowden Ernest, I sc. st. sergeant major - SS
Bowen Hubert, rifleman - GS
Braidwood Robert, company quartermaster sergeant - SS
Brodie John, sergeant major - GS
Brooking Harry, colonel - III class
Brooks William, regimental sergeant major - SS
Brown Albert, captain - IV class
Brown John, company sergeant major - SS
Brown William, captain - IV class
Bryan Edward, sergeant - GS
Buckland Guy Neville, captain - IV class
Buckler Albert, sergeant - SS
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Casson Hugh, brigadier general - III class
Cayley Walter de Sausmarcz, colonel - III class
Chignell William, quartermaster sergeant  - GS
Childs Alfred, sergeant - SS
Christie John, regimental sergeant major - GS
Cobbe Ivor, major - IV class
Combie William, private - GS
Conlan Francis, sergeant - SS
Conway James, company sergeant major - SS
Cook Ernest, private - SS
Cooper Joseph, sergeant - GS
Cordis Stanley, sergeant - GS
Corkran Charles, bvt. colonel - III class
Couchman Charles, act. company sergeant major - SS
Cowie John, regimental sergeant major - GS
Cross Alfred, private - GS
Crutch Harry, company sergeant major - GS
Cummins William, sergeant - GS
Cunningham Michael, act. sergeant - GS
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Daughan Patrick, company sergeant major - GS
David Evan, private - GS
Day Alfred, colour sergeant - GS
Daynes Leonard, corporal - GS
Desmond Henry, sergeant - GS
Devenport Richard, sergeant - GS
Dorrell Edmund, captain - IV class
Duff Daniel, sergeant - GS
Dutch Arthur, sapper - SS
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Edmonds John, sergeant - SS
Edwards John, company sergeant major - SS
Edwards William, company sergeant major - SS
Edwards William, sergeant - GS
Egerton Raleigh, major general - II class
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Farr Walter, major - IV class
Fiori Oscar, corporal - GS
Folan John, private - SS
Fone Sydney, private - GS
Forsyth Archibald, sergeant - SS
Fowler Francis, colonel - III class
Fox Bertie, sergeant - SS
Fox James, private - GS
Fynn James, private - GS
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Gammell James, captain - IV class
Gardener George, private - GS
Garnett John, sergeant - GS
Garnier Alan, captain - IV class
Gaughran James, sergeant - SS
Gibney Robert, corporal - SS
Goddard William, sergeant - SS
Goodden Robert, bvt. major - IV class
Grant Albert, sergeant - SS
Gray Thomas, corporal - SS
Green James, sergeant - SS
Gregory Thomas, quartermaster sergeant - GS
Greig Gavin, sergeant - SS
Grier Gilbert, sergeant - GS
Griffiths John, drummer - GS
Gubbins Jesse, company quartermaster sergeant - GS
Gurnung Atibal, havildar - SS
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Haig Douglas, field marshal - I class

Hall Edward, captain - IV class
Hanton Samuel, regimental sergeant major - SS
Hare Steuart, major general - III class
Harrington George, sergeant-major - SS
Harvey Frank, sergeant - GS
Havildar (name or rank?) Krishnasami - GS
Havildar Lal Bahadur Gurung - GS
Havildar Onkar - GS
Havildar Rao Raghunath - GS
Havildar Singh Chandar - GS
Havildar Singh Teja - GS
Havildar Uddin Qaim - GS
Hay Archibald, major - IV class
Heath Percy, major - IV class
Higgins Thomas, company sergeant major - SS
Holland Clive, regimental quartermaster sergeant - GS
Hordern Arthur, prin. chaplain - III class
Horne John, private - GS
Horwood George, sergeant - GS
House William, sergeant - GS
Howard Thomas, bvt. lieutenant colonel - III class
Hunnings Arthur, gunner - GS
Hynes John, company quartermaster sergeant - SS
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Jackman William, sergeant - SS
James Ronald, corporal - SS
Jenner Douglas, lance corporal - SS
Johnson Frank George, sergeant - SS
Johnson Henry George, corporal - SS
Johnston Francis, brigadier general - III class
Jones Hugh, private - SS
Jones William, act. sergeant major - GS
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Kearsey Alexander, major - IV class

Keary Henry, major general - IV class
Kesaikar Keroj, daffadar major - GS
Khan Awal, havildar - GS
Kirkbride Thomas, sergeant - GS
Knight John, captain - IV class
Knowles Alexander, sergeant - II class (?? must be mistake)
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Lawrence Herbert, major general - II class
Lawson William, private - SS
Lees John, sergeant - GS
Leggett Archibald, rifleman - SS
Liebrick Albert, sergeant - ?
Little Andrew, private - SS
Little Arthur, private - SS
LLoyd Arthur, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Lorimer John, sergeant - SS
Low John, sergeant - GS
Lowe George, sergeant - GS
Lucas Airbron lord, captain - IV class
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MacDonald Reginald, lieutenant-colonel - IV class
MacIntyre Donald, private - SS
MacLachlan Alexander, bvt. lieutenant colonel - IV class
MacLeod William, private - GS
MacPherson A. corporal - GS
MacPherson Alexander, brigadier general - IV class
Maggs George, sergeant - GS
Malton George, corporal - SS
Martin Thomas, lance sergeant - GS
Martin William, private - GS
Matthews Thomas, sergeant - GS
Maxwell-Scott Walter, lieutenant colonel - IV class
McDonnell Mark, private - GS
McDonnell Mark, private - GS
McDonnell Martin, private - GS
McGarry Joseph, sergeant - SS
Mclnnes Alexander, private - GS
McMillan Alexander, private - GS
McNeill Alexander, captain - IV class
McNeill Angus, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Medhurst Philip, bombardier - SS
Milne Thomas, company sergeant major - SS
Mitchell George, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Mitchell George, sergeant - GS
Moore James, sergeant - GS
Moore John, company sergeant major - SS
Moran Peter, private - SS
Morris Charles, company sergeant major - GS
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Naik Gul Redi - SS
Narburgh Ernest, company sergeant major - GS
Nash Harold, private - SS
Neil John, lance corporal - SS
Neilson William, major - IV class
Nelson James, lance sergeant - GS
Newman Artur, lieutenant - IV class
Nichol Robert, sergeant major - SS
Nicholls Jack, act. corporal - GS
Nicholson Edmund, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Nisbet Francis, bvt. lieutenant colonel - IV class
Nugent Walter, major - IV class
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Padley John, private - SS
Palin Philip, brigadier general - III class
Peebles Evelyn, colonel - III class
Phillips Charles, sergeant - SS
Phillips George, private - GS
Phillips Ivan, private - GS
Piaru, colour havildar - GS
Pigot Nevil, bombardier - SS
Plucknett Edgar, regimental quartermaster sergeant - GS
Plummer Alfred, sergeant - SS
Prosser Albert, company quartermaster sergeant - GS
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Raby Robert, act. sergeant - GS
Ram Ralli, havildar - SS
Ram Sanwal, havildar - GS
Ratcliffe Albert, sergeant - GS
Revanshaw Hurdis, major general - III class
Robins William, sergeant - SS
Robinson Arthur, act. sergeant - SS
Rogers Edward, captain - IV class
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Salisbury Samuel, sergeant - SS
Scatchard Ernest, lance corporal - GS
Sepoy Singh Atma  - GS
Shafa Ali, havildar - SS
Shankar Naik - SS
Short Harry, sergeant - GS
Singh Basant, havildar - SS
Singh Dewa, havildar - SS
Singh Gujar, daffadar - SS
Singh Gurmukh, subedar major - IV class
Singh Indar, daffadar - GS
Singh Ishar, major - IV class
Singh Jiwan, havildar - SS
Singh Kazan, lance daffadar - GS
Singh Kesar, lance naik - GS
Singh Mahl, havildar - SS
Singh Mangal, havildar - GS
Singh Nand, naik - GS
Singh Rawail, surgeon - GS
Singh Sawan, naik - GS
Singh Sobha, havildar - GS
Singh Sundar, naik - SS
Sinton Rolland, sergeant - SS
Slack Ellis, lance corporal - GS
Sladdin Herbert, arm. staff sergeant - GS
Smith Alexander, sergeant - GS
Sneddon George, company sergeant major - GS
Sowar Singh Karsan - SS
Sprinks Mark, sergeant - SS
Spy Bruce, sergeant - SS
St. John Richard, major - IV class
Stanley James, sergeant - SS
Stanton Thomas, sergeant - SS
Stevens Valentine, staff sergeant - SS
Stewart Peter, sergeant - SS
Striedinger Oscar, colonel - III class
Stuart William, private - SS
Stubbs Arthur, private - SS
Sullivan Francis, sergeant - SS
Sullivan William, act. sergeant - SS
Sultan Subadar - IV (?) class 
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Tarrey Frank, sergeant - GS
Taylor Thomas, private - SS
Taylor William, corporal - SS
Taylor William, sergeant - GS
Thapa Sing Dal, naik - SS
Totman Ernest, sergeant - SS
Trowbridge Frederick, act. sergeant - SS
Tuffield Alfred, sergeant - GS
Tutty Harry, corporal - GS
Twort Richard, private - SS
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Waller Alfred, act. regimental sergeant major - GS
Wannell William, company sergeant major - SS
Warner Percy, sergeant major - SS
Warren Henry, act. regimental sergeant major - SS
Watts William, sergeant - GS
Webb Robert, corporal - SS
Weir Donald, captain - IV class
Welch Alfred, lieutenant colonel - IV class
Welch Edward, corporal - SS
Wells Frank, company sergeant major - GS
Wells Lionel, captain - IV class
Westacott William, staff sergeant - SS
Widdowfield Ralph, sergeant - SS
Wilsden Percy, corporal - GS
Wingate Godfrey, bvt. lieutenant colonel - IV class
Woodcock James, sergeant - GS
Wooldridge Thomas, sergeant - GS
Wrafter George, surgeon - GS
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