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Very unusual poster for a meeting

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Nice find today!  You don't see this sort of day to day admin trivia that would have been posted for the local members, normaly thrown away after the event.  The paper qualiity is very poor as well so I am pleased it has survived.  I can't quite make out what the lecture or presentation is about, only that it appears to be by a Zepplinpilot?  Also that 'Jews' are not welcome.

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Dates to period just after the Munich Putsch. 


Nazi Party was outlawed then, so called themselves 'Hitler-Bewegung'.



It still states NSDAP but in full to the right of the swastika so surely that is at odds?   Or did they still use the name in conjunction with the other Bewegung title?

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Hello readers.

I have another understanding of this poster.

Subjects to be discussed and given on the poster are Ludendorff and Stennes. Gen.Ludendorff needs no further mention except that his name was NOT von Ludendorff. Stennes however is still a somewhat unknown person. He was then or around 1930 - 1931 a SA leader of large influence and with a large following . He had his own ideas of the role the SA was to play within the party which was contrary to Hitler's and Dr. Goebbels'. He was expelled in 1931 and left Germany later.

So it appears that Stennes was subject of discussions  and the poster seems to point out that the party indicated  as Nation.... ( Hitler Bewegung) is following or is loyal to Hitler. I would therefore place the time at about 1931 or slightly later when the subject was still somewhat fresh.

It is in any case a rare item, I am sure and thank Jock for showing it.

Bernhard H. Holst

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Thanks for the detail.  I would never have been able to work that out.  What I find interesting is that it was up for discussion then if Stennes was unpopular.  Was there more of a democratic debate on such matters or was it all simply to deride the person and his opinions, I guess we will never know but it would have been interesting to listen to.  The poster format seem standard as I would guess they had various lectures at the time.



Edited by Jock Auld
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Hello Jock.

At that time it may still have been possible to discuss subjects, I do not know.

However the moderators or speakers were certainly carefully chosen. Ludendorff was considered a man friendly to the Nazi platform probably because of the nationalistic aims and beliefs including the German military never having been defeated in the field ( "Im Felde unbesiegt") and the " Dolchstoss" or stab in the back myths with which we youth were indoctrinated.

Noteworthy also the mention on the sign that entry fees were to share expenses and that people without income ( unemployed) could enter free of charge. The social concerns at work and for all readers of the poster clearly put.

Bernhard H. Holst

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A very interesting flyer/poster!  I agree with Bernhard that the paperwork dates to 1931-32 and is from Austria.

 After the Beerhall Putsch, the National Socialist Party of Geman-Austria (NSPDOe) split, one of the two (but not the only NS groups in Oesterreich) emerging NS organizations was the independent Austrian National Socialist Party, led by Dr. Riehl and Schulz. ( Many author's refer to this group as the DNSAP, but this is incorrect.)  The DNSAP was the German National Socialist Workers Party of Czech. (Bohemia and Sudetenland) led by Dr. Rudolf Jung.  The brother

organization in Austria was named the NSPDOe "Nationalsozialistische Partei Deutsch-Oesterreicher", not the DNSAP.

Both the DNSAP-Czech. and the NSPDOe-Austria came under the umbrella of the "Deutscher Nationalist-Sozialistischer Verein" also led by Dr. Riehl and surprizingly, Hitler's NSDAP was also a member at the time.

On May 4, 1926 the pro-Hitler Nazis split to form the National Socialist German Workers Association with most of the Austrian

Nazi Party members joining.  In August of 1926 the name became NSDAP (Hitlerbewegung) officially.  They recognized 

Hitler as the only German/Austrian Greater Reich Leader and for adopting all of the German NSDAP's Party organizations 

such as the HJ, SS, SA etc., and the Party ranking structure.  


It can be a bit confusing following the paths of all of the different early NS groups, but it is interesting and most collector's

do not realize that the Austrian DAP and National Socialist Party  were older than Germany's version.


The black and white, swastika, hammer, and oak branch design of the Austrian/Czech National Socialist Banner predates  Hitler's design by several months, 


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