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DPRK Pyong Yang Revolutionary Martyr's Cemetery and other sites

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I returned from a trip to DPRK earlier in April and will be posting some pics which are relevant for orders/medals collectors and DPRK enthusiasts - related to two "heroes cemeteries", Kim Il Sung / Kim Jong Il's mausoleum and the big War Museum. I also spent time in Vladivostok afterwards incl. a side trip to the Lake Khasan area to visit the battle related sites and the border with DPRK there. More on that in a separate post.

First (and the pics will follow separately as they are on a different PC)... it was interesting to spot two major cemeteries in Pyong Yang whereas I was expecting to see only the Revolutionary Martyr's Cemetery which is on a hill overlooking the mausoleum of the two Kims. This cemetery has the graves (incl. bustes) of 155 Hero's which took part in the liberation war against Japam- 140 'regular' ones and a further 15 'special' ones. Some of these heroes also have their wives included in their grave.

Secondly, to my surprise, by coincidence we drove by a cemetery full of heroes related to the Korean War (1950-53). Roughly 500 graves there. I have less pictures of this second one as it was not on my official itinerary and more a spontaneous "let's look at that" idea when driving by and it made my guides rather nervous...

I also visited the Mausoleum for the two Kim's - it used to be their working office (a HUGE office) on the outskirts of Pyong Yang but was converted to a mausoleum. One is expected to dress up (tie) when visiting and no pics are allowed inside. Extensive security and hygiene (!) measures throughout... incl walking through airvents which blown away all the dust from you before entering the rooms where the two Kim's are laying. Also requires an endless line of walkways, stairs, etc. before actually seeing them. There were some other rooms which also showed their train carriage, Mercedes, etc. but what was MOST interesting was the room each had which displayed all of their orders/medals. No pics allowed and forced to move on so no possibility to make notes but a few from memory:

- Kim Il Sung: 3 regular hero titles + 1 hero of labour... he also had 2 Mongolian Sukh Baatar orders... one in a normal red box and one an an oversized green velvet box (was custom fitted)

- Kim Jong Il: no Mongolian awards but 4 regular DPRK hero titles

The War Museum was extremely impressive and unfortunately my tour did not have enough time planned in to see it entirely. Also, no pics allowed. There was a gallery with names and details of various DPRK hero title awardees incl. a double hero who had shot down many airplanes using an improvised anti aircraft gun. There were also 10 Koreans who were made a hero for their fighting against the US in the Vietnam war - it seemed like they were all fighter pilots.

The USS Pueblo is also part of the War Museum and worth a visit. You can even get a tour from one of the Koreans who attacked/boarded the USS Pueblo.

pics to follow shortly

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Some pics of the huge War Museum... pics inside I only gut buy taking pics of a magazine... while visiting Khasan railway station where Korean magazines were laying around - one of those pics actually is of the long hallway with heroes... including names, bios and also some hero stars2015-04-22_09.37.35.thumb.jpg.11364b20b42015-04-22_09.50.54.thumb.jpg.97302cc3da2015-04-22_09.52.11.thumb.jpg.10add7b6c52015-04-22_09.52.57.thumb.jpg.7e6f89ff7a2015-04-22_09.54.05.thumb.jpg.4edebc231a2015-04-22_09.57.04.thumb.jpg.b9c015eaf02015-04-22_10.02.03.thumb.jpg.929523561e2015-04-22_10.02.17.thumb.jpg.0dc7749d4c2015-04-22_10.03.07.thumb.jpg.1c48d835cd2015-04-22_10.26.33.thumb.jpg.dbb4f33b332015-04-22_10.30.02.thumb.jpg.17acdbf8912015-04-30_10.59.59.thumb.jpg.98d249d7e72015-04-30_11.00.48.thumb.jpg.351e5483362015-04-30_11.01.08.thumb.jpg.51c8f94e22



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