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Recently picked up these from a group that had been split.... there is the regular pin for the association, made by Deschler.... but also a big badge made by Poellath... which I have never seen before... if anyone knows what it is, or knows anyone who may know... please point them here...leib2.thumb.jpg.816196aaca547723c6485a17leib1.thumb.jpg.00bd367d2b8d1d8be5ba70ad

This is also very interesting, a 1936 Leiber association reunion badge... combined with a Saarland ceremony....leib4.thumb.jpg.f33805d9a0512dfdeba3c443leib5.thumb.jpg.eae782bc2b29ba5dc30e667f

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i have one of those big badges and if i recall correctly, it's larger than an ek1. i posted it many years ago it was described to me as an honor badge from the veteran's association of that regiment.

yours looks to be in perfect condition!

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Hi Eric,

that is probable, so far I have only found pics of the small blue badge, and a version of the small blue badge with oakleaves... but no other example of the big one. I have gooled every combination of Leib Regiment Verein Abzeichen Ehrenzeichen etc. etc. ... but Nada.

Ditto for the Gold badge.

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Hi Chris,

On the catalogue of Jörg Nimmergut "Abzeichen urn Auszeichnungen Deutscher Kriegervereine, 1800-1943", page 425, no. 995 is depticted your badge as :

Inf. Leib. Regiment München, Mitgliedsabzeichen, Chiffre ILR: Infanterie Leib Regiment, 47,9 x 33,7 mm, RS: glass, längs broschiert alle Auflagen am achteckigen Rahmen befestigt, Hersteller: CARL POELLATH / SCHROBENHAUSEN, BM vs/em. Eur 65.- (today's mark value as per the catalogue)

The pin you have is also from the ILR (no. 996/page 426), although it doesn't have the "Jubiläumsschildchen 25 mitgeprägt", Hersteller DESCHLER & S. / MÜNCHEN 9, BM vs/em. Eur 45.-

My brother has the above-mentioned pin badge with Jubiläumsschildchen 25"... ;-)





Forgot to say, that I would put these badges in the forum under "Weimar Republik", not imperial. Infact such badges were created by the veterans' association well after 1918.




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Hi Claudio,

Nice badge! I have seen the basic one like mine, then a version with oakleaves, and now with oakleaves and "25" ...

For the bigger one with the crown, I am going to go out on a limb and doubt Nimmerguts catagory. There are the established membership pins (I assume newbie, 10 year and 25 year) and I don see the big badge simply being there as a unusual or unofficial Association badge. As it came out of a Generals group (Leib Regt officer during the war) I am guessing that it is some kind of Merit badge or distinction within the association? I have been looking for Leib Regiment items for quite a few years and this is the only one I have seen, so I would go 2-3 times what Nimmergut quotes ;-)

The Leib Regt association actually predates WW1, so not Reichswehr time. I have to look but I think I have association membership certificates from 1905-06.

If you brother wants to trade... ;-)

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I think I may have the answer to something that has been bothering me for ages.... why is there no mention in any of the histories of the Leib Regiment giving these to its "Waffenbrüder" ? Nothing in any Alpenkorps books, nothing in the Leib regiment histories.... Leib Regiment C 1.jpgLeib Regiment C 2.jpg

I think the reason is... looking at this one, that it is probably a postwar thingy, possibly at a reunion with ex Austrian soldiers. There are a few photos of such meetings in the 1920s... l2.jpgl1.jpg

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6 hours ago, spolei said:

The medal with prince Alfons was for his 25years jubilee as protector of the bavarian shooting-association.

Yes indeed, but what i meant is, from the way it is made it looks very similar to the Leib Regt one, which makes me think the Leib regt is postwar.

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